If only they knew

You been living a double life for a couple years now and your friends are putting the pieces together. You try to think of a plan a plan to get all ofthis mess taken care of


1. They Might Find Out

I have been dating him for three years(four tomorrow) and no one except Louis, Zayn, Liam and Niall know. Those are the only people we told that are aloud to know, and my friends might know


Heres my story.

I  went to bed late one night because I was out partying with my friends for my birthday.

I was awoken by a small ting  hitting my window. I rolled over and grabbed my phone 12:01 AM January 1st 2013 I got up, grabbed a sweatshirt and wentdown stairs and outside. Harry was waiting for me when i got out there.

"Look at you!" He said,"You look amazing!!" in his opinion i always did but i looked really bad in mine. My long brown hair in a messy bun and shorts and a seatshirt on.


I could tell I hurt him. That was the first fight we had ever had. Plus he came on our four year annivesery. "Harry, I'm sorry. Im just a little stressed thats all."I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around him. He couldn't tell I was lying "Come on lets go up stairs." We walked to my house. He let me go ahead of him half way up the stairs he started humming "Rock Me"

So i started singing, he never heard me sing because I hated my voice.

" Do you remember summer 09 wanna go back there every night." Then stoped. He stared at me for the longest time. He blinked then said " Oh My GOD!! Your voice it's amazing.!"

"Thank you, I guess." I never had been complimented on my voice it felt go so I started singing again.He smiled, we went into my room, my parents weren't going to be home untill tomorrow. So we had a day together.  

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