If only they knew

You been living a double life for a couple years now and your friends are putting the pieces together. You try to think of a plan a plan to get all ofthis mess taken care of


4. A Dream not worth Living

I woke up to the smell of roses. There were ten bouquets of flowers around me. I saw Harry crying. I walked over to him. He couldn’t see me. We were at a funeral. I walked over to the casket. I looked inside. I saw my own body laying before me.
    I woke up with a scream. Harry, my father and my mother came running up the stairs.
“Callee. Whats wrong!?!?!?” Harry asked as he knelt to the side of my bed.
I was completely out of breath from screaming.
“Callee! Talk to me what happened!” I could tell he was getting worried.
“It was just a dream.” I finally got out. I started to cry. Harry hugged me tight. Then he started to cry.  I looked up. “Why are you crying?” I looked up at him.


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