Love Again

Zayn Malik’s life is worse than average. After a terrible tragedy, he is excpected to never recover.

-What happened was so bad that he shuts down completely and vows to never fall in love again?

Paige’s life is average. She has a nice life, is single, has a best friend… everything you could ever want.
Her best friend drags her to the first One Direction concert in America.

-What happens when she realizes that there is more to life than it just being… “okay”?

-What happens when he and Paige cross paths?


5. chapter 5

Chapter 5

Darcy and i got back to my house and quickly changed into our new swimwear. I put on new brown bikini that made my skin look tanner. Over that, i put on short denim shorts and styled and brown hair into natural waves, sexy but simple. Darcy put on short soffe shorts and a low v-neck over her new white and orange striped bikini. I did her brown hair somewhate like mine, except i wove a waterfall braide around her head, making it look like she wore a crown. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

We skipped out of my room,  and i asked, “You ready for the boys?”

She nodded excitedly. Her phone rang and shelooked at the screen. “it’s my mom, ” she said. “it might be a while.” she scowled and answered her phone. “Hey, Mom!… Yes, I’m still here with Paige… we’re not alone! Her mom is here … oh come on! Can’t i just stay a little bit longer? …” she continued her argue with her mom and headed to my room to talk with her more privately. Honestly, i was glad i didn’t have to hear the rest of their conversation. 

I shook my head, thinking about how terrible it’d be to live with Darcy’s parents. 


I was jolted out of my thoughts by someone banging on the front door. 

“Paige! It’s us! i heard Louis yell.

I laughed and opened the front door. They All picked up their bags and rushed inside. Zayn quietly wandered in last, taking in the interior of the house. he shut the door behind him. 

“home sweettt hooommmmeeee” Louis yelled loudly, causing everyone to plug their ears. 

“Shushh!” i hissed, holding back a grin. “you’re so loud Louis!!”

Niall just laughed his adorable, care-free laugh. 

Darcy came in with a pissed look on her face. But it disappeared once she saw the boys. ” Hey guys! i thought i heard something!” She said. 

“Hey, Darcy!” the boys greeted. well, everyone but Zayn. 

She beamed, obviously still trying to get used to seeing One Direction and hearing them say her name.

“Alright, i’ll show you to your rooms.” i said, heading towards the stairs without waiting for a response. After making sure they were following me. I walked up the stairs. It felt weird to be going this way,  because i didn’t spend much time on the second floor. 

I stopped in the hallway. There were five doors. I mothioned to the two on the right and said, “These are two rooms—”  I motioned to the doors on the left and continued, “and there’s another room and the bathrrom you all have to share. Don’t mind the door at the end of the hall. It just leads to the roof”

“I call rooming wiht Harry!” Louis said, dragging Harry with him iside the first room on the right.

That left Zayn the room next to the bathroom on th left. Alone. A look of sdness flashed accross his face, but it was quickly replaced by the blank expression i was used to seeing him plaster on. He grabbed his stuff and opened the door to his guest room. His eues lingered on the door at the end of the hall for a second before he shut his door.

Now i was alone. 


Suddenly, Niall pocked his head out of the door and said, “What are your plans for today?” 

I smirked. “Remember my call? Go put on your swimwear!!”

He grinned and retreated back into his room.

I went back downstairs to search for Darcy. i ended up finding her in my room getting her stuff together. 

“Why did your mom call?” i asked her

“She wants me back home by six o’clock” she said bitterly. “And just to make sure i come home, she’s picking me up”

“I’m sorry,” i said, giving her a pitying look.

She smiled. “It’s akright. I’m used to it now. At least i can still hang out with the boys a little bit.”

All five boys appeared in the doorway. “Did i hear you talking about us?” Liam asked.

I turned around to face them and started to say, “yes, actually. We were just talking about how igly you guys are..” My voice trailed off as i got a look at them. They were the complete opposite of ugly, especially since they were shirtless, only wearing swimming trunks. My eyes lingered on Zayn. who looked especially hot. 

“we’re not so ugly, are we?” Harry asked smugly.

I groanned and waked out of my room, smacking the back of his head as i passed by. 

MY mom walked through the living room and opened the house door. She saw me, and the boys were right behind me. 

“You’re leaving?” i asked.

She nodded, her eyes then darting to the five shirtless maniacs behind me. 

“And these are the boys?”

“Yep,” i said

She had a disapproving look, probably having to do with the fact that they were all half-naked, but shook her head and said, “I have to go to the office. Be careful, Paige.”

“I will Mom” i said “See you later.

“Bye honey” she left, closing the door behind her. 

The boys had intrigued looks on their faces.

“What is it?” i asked them.

“She just… looked exactly like you,” Liam spoke up. “It was weird, that’s all.”

I rolled my eyes. “I get that a lot. Anyway, ready to go out back?”

They whooped and hollered.

“DARCY! Come one! we’re going outside!” i yelled.

She joined us, and we exited through the sliding back door. 

The boys gasped as they gazed upon my backyard for the first time. It was completely fenced in by a tall, white fence. Theyre was a large built-in pool, and a large wooden patio that extended from the back of the house. On the patio, there was a contained woodstack for a fire, and there were chairs lined up to lay on.

“Let’s have fun!!” i declared

The boys instantly jumped into the pool, all but Zayn. He contentedly sat in one if the chairs and laid back, closing his eyes. 

I yelled, “Cannonbal!!” and jumped into the pool. when i surfaced, the boys congratulated me on making such a giant splash. I turned to see Zayn’s reaction. Nothing. his eyes were still closed, as if nothing had happened. a few drops of water had landed on him, and my perverted eyes couldn’t help but watch them trickle down his sculpted chest…

Louis nudged me with his elbow. I hadn’t even noticed him sneak up on me. 

“What!?” i asked, turning to face him. I looked to see if any of the other had been watching, but they were back to messing around, now seeing who could make the biggest splash.

“I saw you looking at Zayn!” he teased

I decided to plan it cool and shrugged. I lowered my voice and sked him, “Why won’t her get in the pool?” 

“he has a fear of water” Louis said. “Plus, he isn’t the most social type, if you haven’t noticed by now. Just leave him alone. That’s what i and the rest of the boys have learned to do” Niall jumped on his back. Louis thrw him off. “Niall, i’m going to punch you so hard in the-” he drove after Niall, who was desperately trying to swim away. 

“You okay?” Darcy asked, swimming up to me. 

“Yeah, i’m fine” i answered. “Why wouldn’t i be?”

“What were you and Louis talking about?” she asked. 

“He just explained That Zayn has a fear of water” i said.

“Oh” she said. “Then why did he wear his swimming trunks? Not that i’m complaining..” her eyes trailed over zayn’s body.

I smacked her arm. 

“Ow!” she whined. “Fine! He’s all yours!” 

I rolled my eyes. “I just want to at least get him to… talk, you know?”

“Maybe you should just let him be” darcy said. “It seems like that;s what he wants”

“No one wants to be alone” i said.

“Whatever you say,” she said, sighing. “But good luck getting him to speak.”

“There has to be some way i can get his attention,” i said furrowing my eyebrows in thought. 

“I have few ideas” Darcy said, amd evil smirk creeping onto her face, making her expression look comical.

“How many times did you prectice making that face in the mirror?” i teased.

“Maybe a few times” she admitted, chuckling. “Do you want to hear my idea or not?!” 

I leaned in closer, prodding her to explain.

“Show off your hot body” she whispered.

I jumped back and yelled, “WHAT?!”

All of the boys stopped what they were doing and looked at us, exept zayn. Liam asked. “Is everything okay?”

I gave them a fake smile. “Mhm! everything’s peachy!” i took Darcy by the arm and dragged her out of the pool. I let her inside and into the kitchen. I wrapped a towel around my waist and tosser her one to do the same. 

“Okay, down to business” i said leaning on the counter next to the sink. “What exactly do you mean by ‘showing off my body’?”

“It gets every guys’s attention” Darcy said with a sly smile. “It can’t fail. Plus, you’re not exactly ugly, Paige.”

“Gee, thanks” i said sarcastically. “So what exactly do i do?”

“Oh, you know….” she went on to explain.

By the time she was finished, my eyes were almost popping out, and my mouth hung open. “Im not a slut!” i explained.

“Of course you’re not!” She said cheerfully. “You don’t have to do everything i just said. Those were just a few suggestions”

“A few?! No. I won’t do it” i stated.

“Look, after tonight you won’t have to do it again” she said when i didn’t say anything, she asked, “Do you want Zayn to notice you or not?”

I sighed. “Fine. But if this doesn’t work, you owe me. Big time.”

“Oh, it will…” She said with a complete confidence. “It will…”

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