Love Again

Zayn Malik’s life is worse than average. After a terrible tragedy, he is excpected to never recover.

-What happened was so bad that he shuts down completely and vows to never fall in love again?

Paige’s life is average. She has a nice life, is single, has a best friend… everything you could ever want.
Her best friend drags her to the first One Direction concert in America.

-What happens when she realizes that there is more to life than it just being… “okay”?

-What happens when he and Paige cross paths?


4. chapter 4

What kind of help?” i asked

Darcy came out of the bathroom in a v-neck and skinny jeans and asked, “Who’s that?”

I shushed her quickly.

“Well. you see…” Niall started to say

I heard another voice say, “Oh just give me the phone!” a few seconds later the same voice said, “Hello, it’s Louis! I’m going straight to the point. Niall and Harry got is kicked out of our hotel, and we don’t have anywhere to stay. So were wondering if maybe… well, we don’t want to impose, but..”

“You’re asking if you can stay here?” i guessed.

“Well, yes. I know it’s rather rude. but we’d be massively grateful if-” he rambled

I interrupted, “DOn’t worry! It’s fine. I’ll just ask my parents and see what they say. I’m sure we have enough rooms for your guys.”

“Oh! Thank you!”

“Don’t thank me yet,” i said. “I haven’t even talked to my parents yet! But i’ll call you later and tell you what they say”

“Alright. we’ll talk to you later then”

“Yep. Bye” i hung up

“Who was that?” Darcy asked.

“That was, Niall and Louis” i said still not really believing it. I just finished talking to two-fifths of One Direction on the phone. wow, i was really starting to act like a fan girl.

She screamed. 

I instantly convered her mouth. “Shush! My dad is sleeping.”

“No he’s not.”

Darcy and i turned our heads to the door where my dad was standing. 

“Dad! I hvae to talk to you” i said.

He adjusted the watch on his wrist and said, “Alright, but make it quick. i was called in for work at the hospital, and they except me over there quickly.”

I hatily explained, “There’s a boy band in town, and they need a place to stay. They were wondering if they could stay here.”

He thought for a moment.. “Are they nice boys?”

“Yep.” i replied. “Very Polite” 

Darcy, have your parents met them?” he asked. He always did that. If Darcy’s parent approved of something, he aproved. He never had the time to find out for himself.

“Of course,” Darcy lied giving him a convincing smile.

“Alright” he said. “They can stay here, but not permanently. Don’t let them destroy the house, and tell your mother about this before they get here.”

“Thank you thank you thank you!” i cried, running to him and kissing his cheek. “Have a nice time at work, Daddy!” 

He smile. “Love you, Paige. Have fun witg your friends.” he picked up his brief case and walked out of my room.

Once i heard the front door close, i rushed out to the black patio. I walked up to my mom and cleared my throat. “Mom?”

She looked up from her work. “What dear? Make it quick. I’m on to something here. And once i write it down, i’m off to the office to get it approved.”

“Well, five boys are going to be staying in the house” i said.


“Wait a minute,” i said quickly, shaking my head. “Let me put that better terms: a boy band needs a place to stay. Daddy said yes, so it’s already decided that they’re coming. I just came out here to warn you.”

“And Darcy’s parents have met them?” she asked.

I inwardly huffed. She was just like Dad. “Yes”

She shrugged. “Alright, be careful.”

“THANKS MOM!” i gave her a quick hug and ran back inside.

Mom and Dad never conferred with Darcy’s parents, so i knew Darcy and i could safely lie. this wasn’t the first time, either.

I joined Darcy in the kitchen. She said, “While you call the boys, i’ll make you your breakfast. what do you want?”

I answered, “I’ll have chocolate chip pancakes.”

“That’s all?” she asked, freiging utter amazement. “I thought you’d make me suffer.”

I shrugged indiffrently. “I’m in a good mood. Don’t ruin it.” 

She laughed and said, “Alright. Now hury and call the boys back.”

I pat down my pockets, but i didn’t feel my phone. “Dang it. I left my pjone in my room. I’ll be right back” i said. i ran to my room and grabbed my phone off my nightstand. I opened my call history and called the latest number.

“Hello?” i heard.

“Niall? this is Paige,” i said.

“Oh! Hi Paige! he said. “That was quick.”

“Yes, well, i asked my parents, and they said that you guys are allowed to come.” i heard woops and hollers on the other end. “Is your phone on speaker?” i asked.

“Yes it is!” i heard Louis say. “We’ll get packed and be over there soon.”

“How soon?” i asked.

I heard them discuss it a little. A voice that sounded like Harry said, “We’ll be there after lunchtime.”

“Sounds good!” i said. An idea came to mind. “Make sure you hvae swimwear!” i advised.

I heard excited murmurs. “Alright! See you, Paige!” the others gave similar goodbyes.

“Later” i hung up. 

I came back to the kitchen, where Darcy was flipping a few pancakes. “Are they coming?” she asked. 

“Yep, after lunch.” i answered

“So soon?” she gasped.

“Well, they did get kicked out of their hotel,” i reasoned.

Darcy chuckled. “They’re so crazy.” She flipped the pancakes onto a plate and set it on the kitchen table. “Here are your pancakes, your majesty” 

“thank you,” i said smugly, sitting down at the table. She set down a fork and knife, mape syrup and butter.

“Good thing we bought more than one outfit yesterday,!” she said

“Actually, i had a different idea for today,” i said. “I think we’re going to have to go get some new swimwear..”

Her eyes lit up, and she gasped. “AH! I’m so excited!” 

“We’re going to have to look hot for the boys,” i said flirtatiously. “Especially for winked at her. 

She stuck out her tongue. “Shut up. Besides, i saw the way you looked at Zayn”

My mouth dropped open. “How did you-?

“Oh, i suspected it,” she said smugly. “But you just confirmed it”

I glared at her. “Be quiet, or else i won’t help you get all dolled up”

“you know you love me” she said. “Who made you these perfect, golden chocolate chip pancakes? That’s right. Me!”

I slathered the pancakes in syrup. “Yeah, because that’s exactly what friends are for,” i teased.

She laughed. “Oh, hurry up and eat so we can go shopping before lunchtime!”

Lunchtime. That;s when the boys were coming. and i would again meet up with the Mystery, otherwise known as Zayn.

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