Love Again

Zayn Malik’s life is worse than average. After a terrible tragedy, he is excpected to never recover.

-What happened was so bad that he shuts down completely and vows to never fall in love again?

Paige’s life is average. She has a nice life, is single, has a best friend… everything you could ever want.
Her best friend drags her to the first One Direction concert in America.

-What happens when she realizes that there is more to life than it just being… “okay”?

-What happens when he and Paige cross paths?


3. Chapter 3

It was Zayn.

He looked back at me, the right corner of his mouth starting to ruen up into a smile. Almost. His mouth then returned to its normal line. But isaw it, and i smiled in return. He didn’t let go of my hand, and i wasn’t about to let go his. 

“You alright Paige?” Darcy asked quietly. She knew  my fear of the dark.

She was too far away from Zayn and i for us to see her. So were the other boys.

“I’m fine” i answered.

“I think it’s safe to go out now” i heard an Irish accent say. “Maybe we should go out the back way to the van, just in case”

“We?” I repeated.

“Yeah! we can take you two girls home,” Louis said. “Let’s get out of here.”

I reluctangly got out my comfortable position and followed them out and under the stage. We carefully hid among the shadows until we were out the back door. Darcy and I were led to a blue van.

“i Call shotgun!” Louis exclaimed. he ran into the passenger seat.

The rest of us climbed into the van. Harry was driving, Darcy and I took the middle two seats, and the other three boys took the three back seats.

“So, ladies, where do you live?” Harry asked

We gave him my address, which he entered into the GPS.

During the ride home, the boys talked about how awesome their first concert in america was. They asked Darcy and I if we liked it, we showered them with compliments. They then went to talk about how awesome my little prank was on the clean-up crew and talked about how exciting our escape was. All i could think about, was how i elt when i holded zayn’s hand.

Sadly, we arrived at my house. The boys gawked at it as Darcy and i got out of the van. I was used to that kind of reaction by now. We started to walk to my house. 

Louis Rolled down the window and yelled,” WAIT! YOU aren’t going to leave your numbers or anything!?”

“Why, you want us to?” i tease.

“Well, most girls do,” Harry said with a shrug with his hands on thw wheel. 

I laughed. “Is this you guys’ way of asking for our numbers?” 

Louis rolled his eyes.. “Just give us your numbers alreasy!!”

Darcy and I laughed, and then gamve them our numbers before saying our goodbyes. We walked up onto the porch and waved as they drove off.

I turned to Darcy and said, “SEE? Told you i could make friends!”

She beamed a smile. “Oh shut up! Let’s get inside and go to sleep! It’s freaking two in the morning!” 


My alarm clock went off at 7:30 sharp. I groaned. I’d forgotten about my job. Every Sunday morning i have to walk the neighbords dogs. I shut the alarm off quickly so i wouldn’t wake Darcy up. I got out out of bed and lazily pulled my hair up into a pony tail. I knew the weather would be warm, so i pulled on some denim shorts and an orange tank-top. I skipped breakfast, since Darcy would have to serve it to me later this morning, and then I headed out.

My first stop was next door. I knocked on the door, and Mrs. Much opened it. She is a nice old lady, althrough her name is rather unfortunate.

“Good Morning, Mrs. Muck” i said cheerfully. “Is Lil bit ready?”

“He is, Paige Darling” she said with a smile. She held out her small chihuahua and his leash.

“I’ll be back in an hour” I promised

“Thank you, dear. You’re very Kind” She Shut the doo, and i left for my next customor.

Pretty soon, i had five dogs on five leashed in my hand;
2 chihuahuas, a large husky, 1 beagle, and a poodle

They were all pretty well behaved. the only time they were troublesome was when they passed by other dogs.

Basically, my job was to walk them around the neighborhood for an hour and return them to them owners. I was always done by 9 am. And i got paid for it. I’m saving money for when i leave for college because my senior year just ended, and i don’t want to have to count on my parents all the time. I had planned on moving out this summer, but i haven’t found a place yet. Besides, i like the house i’m in. And my Parent’s aren’t around much. So i basically live alone already.

We passed a kid with a black lab, and my five dogs pulled on their leashes, barking like mad. But i was prepared for this. I took out a clicker and clicked it a few times to divert their attention from the passing dog. Pretty soo, the black lab was gone, and i continued the walk. It was actually kind of nice to get some sun and feel the morning breeze. 

Five more minutes ‘til nine o’clock. I started taking the dogs back home. First i returned the Husky. The owner was very wealthy and gave me fifty dollars. Next, i dropped off the beagle. the owner gave me 2o dollars…. The last stop was my next-door neighbor, Mrs. Much, who was my personal favorite. She was the only one in the neighborhood that darcy and i didn’t play pranks on, and that says a lot.

“Hello again, Mrs. Muck” i said when she opened the door. I released her chihuahua, and he ran past her into the house. I saw hime lay down on her couch. Tired from the walk. I gave her the leash.

“Thank you very much dear!” she said. ” Now he won’t be so energetic” She chuckled. “Well, at least for a little while, that is”

“It’s no problem” i said politely

She opened her wallet and fished around for money. “Well… I’m afraid i only have 10 dollars…”

I held up my hand. “That’s more than enough!”

She smiled and handed me a ten dollar bill. “You’re such a sweet heart”

I shrugged and joked, “I try” 

She laughed a little and said, “i’ll see you next Sunday, dear”

I nodded, and she shut the door.

Looks like another succesful work day. 

When i got hom, i counted up the money i made; 160$. Sometimes, it pays off to live in a wealthy neighborhood!

I tiptoed to my room so i wouldn’t wake up Dacy, but i could hear the shower running. Darcy wasn’t in my room, so she must have already been up and in the sower. I headed to the back glass sliding door and saw Mom sitting on the black patio, iengulfed in writing. All she was paying attention to was her pencil and paper. I then went to my parents’ bedroom and put my ear to the door. I could hear snoring, so i knew that Dad was getting some sleep before getting called back to the hospital. The shower shut off.

“Paige! Paige!” i heard Darcy yell.

I ran through my room to my bathroom door and asked, “What?”

“I need a towel! The door is unlocked and i’m behind the curtain, so you can come in.” Darcy said

I grabbed a towel from the top of the shelf of my closed and opened the bathroom door. I quickly threw in the towel and shut the door.

“THANK YOU” Darcy said

I rolled my eyes and smiled “You know, you still have to serve me breakfast!”

i heard her groan.

“I won the bet” i said through the door.

“Fine,” she muttered. “I’ll make your stupid breakfast when i’m ready.”

My phone started ringing. And if ound it along my bed sheets, i didn’t recognize the number, but i answered it anyway. “Hello?”

“Hi There. Is this Paige?”

I recognized the irish accent. “Niall?”

“OH! Good it’s you!” Niall said ” Look… uh, we need some help….''

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