Love Again

Zayn Malik’s life is worse than average. After a terrible tragedy, he is excpected to never recover.

-What happened was so bad that he shuts down completely and vows to never fall in love again?

Paige’s life is average. She has a nice life, is single, has a best friend… everything you could ever want.
Her best friend drags her to the first One Direction concert in America.

-What happens when she realizes that there is more to life than it just being… “okay”?

-What happens when he and Paige cross paths?


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

My ears rang from the thousands of screaming fans. Darcy’s parents had dropped us off three hours early, but there were still many people in front of us.

However, i was feeling kind of excited. I was wearing one of the new outfits i bought; a cut off shirt with a smiley on it that had a moustache, dark skinny jeans, and gray Vans.

Darcy was also wearing a new outfit; a floral blouse, faded boot cut jeans, and a pair of white wedeges. I let my hair in a messy braid over my shoulder. Darcy’s hair was shorter than mine, so she just left it curled up..

Finally, we made it to the concert. The sear numbers on our VIP stage tickets were in the front row. And Darcy was jumping in excitement.

Once Everyone was squeezed in, music started to play, and smoke filled the stage. When it cleared, five boys were revealed. The crowd roared. I admit… the boys were pretty cute.

I leaned over to Darcy and shouted, so she could hear, “WHAT SONG IS THIIS?”

“What Makes You Beautiful” she shouted back.

I turned my gaze back to the stage, studying the boys. One in particular caught my eye. He had big brown eyes and black hair that was hsort on the sides but long and gelled up stylishly on top. I kept my eyes trained on him evey song. Whenever he had a solo, i closed my eyes and listened. I admit, he had an angelic voice. Maybe Darcy wasn’t as air headed as i thought.

The blonde haired one announced, “This is out last song for the night! I Hope you’ve had as much fun as we had!” His irish accent made me laugh to myself.

The last song was a slow one. An acoustic guitar played in the beginning. My eyes stayed fixed on the dark-haired boy. Ad they began to sing, they came to the edge of the stage and ran along to touch peoples hands. The irish boy and black haired boy came to our side. Darcy screamed and held up her hand. I found it ridiculous. So i crossed my arms, refusing to hold my hand up. When they passed by, i looked up at he dark- haired boy. His eyes met mine, he stoped singing, but he quickly looked aways, jumping back into the song. I shrugged it off and enjoyed the rest of the concert. 


A security man led us backstage. “Just wait here and the biys will be out in a second to give you the tour.” he left us alone…

Darcy turned towards me. “Ready to get some boys’ digits?” she asked.

“My fun-mode is one, and my phone is ready,” i confirmed.

She nodded quick;y, either from having too much caffeine or beeing too excited. Or Both. 

A few minute later, five boys came out. I discretely searched for the dark- haired guy and spotted him partly hidden behind the others.

“So you’re Darcy and Paige?” the curly-haired one asked. He had nice eyes i noticed.

“YES!” Darcy said. “I’m Darcy” she batted her eyelashed. He was obviously her favortie.

“And i’m Paige” i said with the warmest, friendliest, most non-fangirl-ish smile i could master.

“Well, if you don’t know us already. ;et us introduce ourselves,” the boy in a striped shirt, suspender, and red skinny jeans said. “I’m Louis!”

“I’m Niall,” the irish one said.

“I’m HARRY,” The Curly- haired one said.

“I’m Liam” said another brownish hair guy.

The Black haired guy was silent. I don’t know if he was even paying attention to what was going on.

“That’s Zayn,” Louis whispered. “Don’t mind him. He, uh.. isn’t very social.”

“WELL!” Niall said in his cute accent, slapping his hand together. “Let’ get on with ther tour, shall we? That way, ladies” he motioned which way to go.

Darcy happily skipped onward. But i sauntered back a litle so i ended up towards the back of the group/ I looked at Zayn. He met my gaze for a second before looking away, just like he had done on stage. I wondered if he recognized me.

“So your name is Zayn, huh?” i asked, trying to make conversation.

He nodded but continued to stare at the ground.

“You know, if you like looknig at the floor so much, just take a picture. It will last longer,” i lamely joked.

For a split second, the right corner of his mouth twitched up. But it quickly returned to its original set line.

I inwardly groaned. What would it take to get this boy to respond?

Liam gave me a look that said ‘Just give up.’ i shrugged in response.

“Alright, girls,” Louis said. He abruptly stopped walking, making me run intoH Harry’s back.

“Ow” i muttered.

Harry turned around and askes, “you okay?”

I nodded and turned my attention back to Louis, who was acting like the leader of the tour. He said, ” This is where we get our make-up done”

I held back a laughed as i gazed upon the salon-like seats and various mirrors. Make up was strewn accross the tables

“Hey, don’t laugh! It makes us look good,” Niall said, stroking his cheek like a model.

I could no longer conntain my laughter. Darcy was laughing alse. Her face still bright with excitement from meeting the boys.

Niall smiled at Darcy’s laugh, looking pleased with himself. She stopped and met his gaze. He pretended to turn his attention to something else, his cheeks showing a little pink. I pretended not to notice his obvious crush on my best friend. But i felt bad, ‘cause i knew Darcy liked Harry.

“Let’s continue on,” Louis said. He led us inside a different door. “This is the sound room. it has a view of the entire stage via cameras.

I chucckled and saw he was right. Above various control panels were monitors that showed several angles of the stage. There were men cleaning up the platform. I sat down on one of the chairs on wheel and slid up to a control panel. I tapped on the microphone, and a thudding noise echoed on the stage, making the working men look around in confusion.

I laughed and said away from the mic, “I guess the sound is still on. Hey! Can one of you guys make it so my voice will sound really low?”

“yeah! hold on” Harry said, adjusting some controls.

“Wait___ we’ll get in trouble!” Liam said. But he had a mischievous smile on his face. 

Zayn stood hidden behin everyone. His gaze fixed on the monitors. I swear, i haven’t seen that boy’s mouth open since the concert ended. It made me want to get to know him better.

“OH, who cares?” i said adventurously. “I’ll take all the blame if anything happens!”

Harry said, ” Well, okay then. It should be working now.”

I held up my hands for everyone to be quiet. I said slowly into the microphone, “I am the voice from above. You shall listen to me. Drop your mops at once.:

The men’s eyes grew wide. And they dropped whatever they were holding. The Boys, Darcy and i were trying not to laugh as i went on theatrically, “You must go pick up seven ice cream cones and bring them backstage at once!”

Niall couldn’t contain himself any long and burst out in laughter. The microphone made this laugh ring out over the stage, low and grow-like. The rest of us couldn’t help but burst out laughing also.

One of the men took out a walky-talky and called for security.

Everyone froze.

“HURRY! under the stage! NOW!” Louis whisper-yelled

Darcy and i ran out behing the boys, and they led us underneath the stage. We sat down under many wood beams. It was dark, and i am deathly afraid of the dark. My body started to shake.  I grabbed the hand neares to me, and i felt shivers go down my spine. (Not from fear) . Whichever boy was whose hand i grabbed wrapped his warm fingers around mine. Making a zing pulse through me. It felt surprisingly calm, and my breathing evened out. 

My eyes finally adjusted to the dark. I followed our clasped hands up his arm and to his face.

It was Zayn.

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