Love Again

Zayn Malik’s life is worse than average. After a terrible tragedy, he is excpected to never recover.

-What happened was so bad that he shuts down completely and vows to never fall in love again?

Paige’s life is average. She has a nice life, is single, has a best friend… everything you could ever want.
Her best friend drags her to the first One Direction concert in America.

-What happens when she realizes that there is more to life than it just being… “okay”?

-What happens when he and Paige cross paths?


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1



“Please, Paige?”


“Come on! The VIP tickets and backstage passes i bought were expensive!”

“Nope. I’m Not going”

“Ughh! Who else am i going to take?”

“You have plenty of other airhead fangirls to choose fromm”

“But you’re my only friend!”

“That’s not my problem”

“Oh! Come On! It’s ONE NIGHT”

My Best Friend Darcy and I been arguing about this since school ended. Now we were at my house and i was ‘trying’ to eat my bowl of cocpops peacefully, but she wouldn’t let me.

“It’s only one night, Paige,” Darcy continued. “We can whatever you want next weekend!”

I sighed. “When is this concert exactly?”

“Tomorrow Night”

“But That’s a Saturday Night!”


“I’m sorry, i can’t go Darcy” I said, acting sarcasically sad. “I have to walk the neighbors dogs bright and early Sunday Morning!”

“Then Go to bed as soon as we get home from the concert” she said.

I exhaled slowly, trying not to explode in frustration. “I hope i don’t regret this… Fine. I’ll go—”

Darcy screamed.. “THANK YOu! Thank you! Thank you!”

I threw her a fake smile. “Now please, explain everything we’re going to do so i know what to wear.”

“Well… We’re going to go out to eat first, then we’re going to go to the concert, then We’re going to get backstage tour by ONE DIRECTION THEMSELVES!”

I let my now-snoggy cereal fall off my spoon, and it plopped into the bowl. “Great. I’m going to have to pry you off Harvy the whole time, aren’t i?”

“it’s Harry” she corrected “Harry Styles.”

“OH, whatever!” i got up and put my bowl in the sink. 

“What’s so important about this stupid concert anyway?”

“It’s their first REAL concert in America!” She said. “AND, it’s in our own city! Isn’t that amazing??!” 

“Darcy, we live in New York City,” i said, unimpressed. “Of course their first concert is here”

her smile faded. “Tell me again, why am i friends with you?”

“I was gonna ask you the same question!” i told her with a sarcastic grin.”

She rolled her eyes and groaned. “See, this is why i’m your only friend.”

“I could make more friends if i wanted to,” i said defensively.

She huffed. “Yeah, Right.”

“I could!” i insisted.

“Prove it”

“I will.”

Her face lit up. “Fine. In order for you to prove it, make friends with a guy from One Direction!”

I started laughing, but stopped when i realized she was serious.

“Wait…. you’re not joking?”

“NOPE!” She said with a smug grin. “Either they give you their number or they ask you for yours.”

I tapped my finger to my chin in thought. “What’s the bet?”

“Hrm… Let’s make it intersting,” she said ” i know! Loser serves the winner breakfasr every morning for a month!”

I smiled. “You’ve got yourself a deal!” 

She Squealed. “AH! This is so exciting! Tomorrow we are going to meet
One Direction!”

I gave her a look. “Are you going to stay here in the kitchen fangirling or are you going to join me in the living room to watch a movie?”

She stuck her tongue out at me, but followed me into the living room.

My House is fairly nice. My Dad is a doctor, so we are pretty well off. Most people don’t know htat, because we don’t like to flaunt around our wealth. I have a nice car (I got my license almost 2 years ago on my sixteenth birthday).

Our 2 story house is simply but elegantly furnished. We have an underground pool in our backyard that goes seven feet deep. On the second floor, we have several guestroo,s for when our large family visits us, and there is a door that reveals stairs that lead to the roof. i’ve never gone up there and probably never will. I’m not fond of heights. Mine and my parents room are on the first floor. Yes, My parent are still happily married.

However, my dad is a doctor and my mom is an author. They spend time with me whenever they aren’t working, which isn’t very often.

My Dad is either at the hospital, or trying to get a few hours rest before he has to return to the hospital. And my Mom is always in her room or on the back patio, engulfed in the story she is currently working on. 

But i don’t complain. My life is a lot better than others. and i know a lot of kids that complain about their parents being around too much.

That’s where Darcy comes in. See, her parents are super over-protective. They never let her fo anything. We quickly became friends after she realized that she could spend most of her free time at me house, where htere is little adult supervision. We have tons of fun syimming, talking, pulling pranks on the neighbors…. I’m glad i moved here.

*Next Morning*


I forced my eyelids to open to see Darcy’s face hovering over me. “Whaaat?” i groaned.

“We’re going shopping for the concert tonight!” she cheered, jumping on my bed and crushing my legs.

“Darcy!” i whined. “Get off, and i mish be able to get up!”

She jumped off the bed, and i sat up. “Do we seriously need to go shopping for an outfit?” i asked

Her mouth gaped open. “PAIGE! You’ve never questioned a reason to go shopping!” she pulled on my arm, making me get out of bed.

I thought about it. She was right. I was always looking for a reason to shop. I said, “Well… i could use a few new outfits for my wardrobe…”

She smiled. “Yay! i knew you’d come around! we’re going to have so much fun tonight!”

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