Long Lost Styles

Harry Styles and Mikaela Styles are brother and sister. When Harry was 12 and Mikaela was 10 their parents split up and they went separate ways. When Mikaela is 18 she runs away in search of her brother. When she finds him, he protects her, maybe a little too much. Will this be a family reunion or a mistake Mikaela wishes she never made?


21. The Funeral

Harry's POV
I can't believe that it's been a week since mum died. It is so hard to believe. I haven't taken it well but Mikaela has been worse. She hasn't left her room, she barely eats she doesn't talk to anyone. Not even Liam or I. We hear her cry herself to sleep at night. She talks to herself. She will say. 'Please, I just got you back' it hurts me to see we like this. I need to get her ready for today. I slowly walk upstairs. "Mikki?" I knock on the door. I slowly open the door and see her curled up on the floor. "Mikki, we need to get ready." I sat next to her. "No! This was just meant to be a nightmare." She wiped away a tear. "I'm sorry, I know you just got mum back bait she wouldn't want this." She sighed. "Yeah, I guess." She cried. I helped her up and picked clothes out for her. I sat them on the bed and left her to get dressed. I walked down stairs to see all the boys dressed and ready to go. "She's just getting ready." I said softly. I sat next to them and we just remained silence.
We all turned our heads at the sound of someone walking downstairs. Mikaela was wearing the dress I picked out for her. It was pretty tight on her and you could tell that she was a lot skinner then usual. "Do I look okay?" She asked. We all nodded. "You look amazing." Liam said and she blushed. I walked over to her and grabbed her hand. "Come on." She nodded and we walked out to the car.
We pulled up at the church. The boys hopped out and so did I but Mikaela didn't move. I opened her car door. "I-I can't do this." She said softly. "Come on Mikki. Mum would want you to. Please." I grabbed her hand and we walked into the church with the boys. We sat down in the front row next to dad. Mikaela sat in between Liam and myself. It was all quiet. I looked up the front at the coffin. It was white with beautiful flowers on the side. I found myself tearing up when I saw it. Mikaela obviously didn't want to look up the front. She looked down at her hands. The priest walked around to behind the coffin and started speaking. "We are gathered here to say goodbye to the beautiful and caring Anne Styles. As you know...." He continued. I just looked at Mikaela. She wiped away a stray tear. I saw Liam grip her hand and give her a small smile. "Now, Mikaela Styles and Harry Styles will deliver a speech." I stood up and Mikaela gripped my hand following behind me. I stood up and Mikaela still gripped my hand as is started to speak. "Well, as most of you know, we are Anne's children. She was always there for us. When our parents split up, so did Mikaela and myself. I stayed with mum and over those years I never even thought about this happening. I-" I started to loose my voice. Mikaela gave me a hug. She stepped up to the microphone. "I-I only just got back with my mum. We didn't see eachother for ages. I wish I could have been with her longer. H-Harry stayed with her. I-I wasn't expecting this. I wanted to my mum to grow to see her grandchildren, sometimes things unexpected happen and we can't control them." I saw Mikaela turn her head and look at the coffin. "I-I miss you mum, to be honest I thought it was a nightmare. I locked myself away trying to wake up. When we were little, she did everything I asked. We played fairys and princesses. I wish I could just go back in time and dress Harry up in crowns and dresses. He really had no choice." I chuckled. She looked at me. "If there was one thing I could of said to mum before she went. I would say in those few extra moments 'I love you mum, if I could I would take your pain away. I forgive you, for everything that you may have done wrong and I'm going to miss you. I-I..." She lost her voice. I hugged her and we just walked back and sat down. Mikaela gripped my hand. She suddenly let go and stood up. She just slowly walked out the doors. I stood up and followed after her. She was sitting on the steps with her head in her knees. "It's all your fault. I only just got her back. If I stayed with her. If mum and dad stayed together. This wouldn't happen." I looked down. I know them breaking was my fault. But was she actually saying this. On the day of my mums funeral? Was she saying what she had always wanted to? "Mikki, I don't understand." She looked up. "Of course you don't! Because you got to spend every second with her." "I-I" she cut me off. "You what Harry? You don't remember?" I did remember every second they fought.
"He's just being a boy." My dad would say. "Picking on other kids, pushing them around, getting suspended. It's outrageous!" "It was just a joke Anne, give the kid a break." Mum pointed to me. "GIVE HIM A BREAK? WHY THE HELL WOULD I DO THAT?! YOU ALWAYS SAY THIS! JUST ACCEPT THAT HE HAS DONE WRONG." My dad would point to me. "Harry, go to your room mate." I walked up and Mikaela would come into my room crying because of all the yelling. I would sing to her.
They would fight like this all the time over me getting in trouble. One day it just went to far and dad left, taking Mikaela with him. They had a bond. The best father and daughter bond I have ever seen. "It's not my fault, I didn't think they would break up." I defended myself. "You pushed it too far Harry." I tried to put my hand on hers but she pulled away. "Mikki, please." "Harry, I can't not blame you for something you did." I sighed and stood up. "You know what. You didn't have to bring this up today but you did just to crush me right." She shook her head. "I need to get away for here. I told you because after the funeral, I'm going back to live with dad." I stopped and looked at her. She didn't just say that.
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