Long Lost Styles

Harry Styles and Mikaela Styles are brother and sister. When Harry was 12 and Mikaela was 10 their parents split up and they went separate ways. When Mikaela is 18 she runs away in search of her brother. When she finds him, he protects her, maybe a little too much. Will this be a family reunion or a mistake Mikaela wishes she never made?


22. Secrets are better said allowed

Mikaela's POV
Today was a really hard day. Mum's funeral. The worse thing is that I am leaving with dad in the morning. I don't want to go...it's just easier this way. For me and everyone else. Harry is the only one that I told but I bet he has told everyone else by now. I sat on my bed on my laptop, trying to get my head around what's going on. "MIKAELA?!" Louis called. I jumped off my bed and ran downstairs. All the boys were standing in the kitchen. Sad expressions on all their faces. Harry had told them. "Harry's just joking right? I mean, your not going are you?" I looked at my feet. "I'm sorry guys, I can't be around here after what happened. Dad needs me. He has no one." They all stared at me upset and confused. "Mikki, no matter what you said in the fight, I forgive you, don't go." I bit my lip. "Haz, I'm so sorry about that, but that's not the reason." He sighed. I looked at Liam and tears were in his eyes. "You say your dads needs you but what about Harry, he needs you." Niall explained. Tears were threatening to pour out of everyone's eyes. "Guys, I'm sorry. Just please don't make it harder then it already is." I said on the verge of tears. "I don't want to go." I whispered. "Then don't. Stay. We need you. I need you." I looked towards Liam. His eyes were so red. "I-I'm sorry." I said again. "Stop apologizing." Harry stated. I wiped the tears pouring out. "Don't say your sorry. We know your not." Liam muttered and pushed passed me walking upstairs to his room. I ran up after him. "Liam! Liam please." He slammed the door in my face. "Please baby, I don't want to fight like this." I knocked on the door. "Liam please talk to me. I love you." The door suddenly yanked open. "If you loved me, you wouldn't leave." I sighed. "And if YOU loved me, you would let me go." Tears streamed down his face, only making me feel worse. "I-I can't let you go." "I can't stop my life for love..." He pulls me into the room. "It's not stopping your life. Why do you really want to go?" I sighed. "Dad. He has no one." "STOP THINKING ABOUT WHAT OTHERS WANT!" I started to cry again. "We'll if I stay like I want, I will only continue feeling the pain. Please Liam. Just be my boyfriend for the last hours and don't male this worse. I don't want to go away, knowing you hate me." He sighed and wiped some of my tears away. "I don't hate you Panda Bear." I giggled. "That's my favourite nickname" he kissed the top of my head. "I'm sorry for yelling baby, I just will miss you so much." I grabbed his hand. "I'll miss you too." He pulled me in for a hug. "We don't have to break up do we?" I giggled. "No, you'll still be my boyfriend." He smiled and kissed my lips softly. "Your killing me, you know that right?" I laughed. "Yeah, I know. But just so you know, you can get a girl-" he cut me off. "Your my girl." I blushed and hugged him again. I could stay like this forever.
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