Long Lost Styles

Harry Styles and Mikaela Styles are brother and sister. When Harry was 12 and Mikaela was 10 their parents split up and they went separate ways. When Mikaela is 18 she runs away in search of her brother. When she finds him, he protects her, maybe a little too much. Will this be a family reunion or a mistake Mikaela wishes she never made?


5. Painful Truth

Mikaela's POV
So Harry says today we are going to the park for a 'day out', it was planned for me. Yep, that's what I hate. Things that are planned for me. I hate being the center of attention so I try to stay quiet. Anyway, we will see what happens I guess. "Mikaela, you ready?" Louis called from downstairs. They still have occasionally stared at me this morning but I just say something stupid to keep my mind off it. Like earlier they were looking at me walking down the stairs so I started acting and talking stupid and they all laughed and stopped staring. Yep, I'm a twit. "Mikaela!" Harry yelled. "I'm coming!" I yelled back. There was laughter and I ran downstairs. "Alright, we can go." I said. "Finally!" Harry laughed and I punched his arm. We were walking...Harry's way of keeping fit. I was walking in front of them. I occasionally looked back over my shoulder at them. They were really far behind me at one point so I sat down and plucked at the grass. Yelling at them to hurry up. "Get a move on!" I screamed. They just laughed and walked slower. I stood up and ran up to Harry. Pulling on his arm. "Hazza, hurry up. I don't wanna walk anymore." He just smirked and started walking slower. I pulled a puppy dog face. "That didn't work when you were five and it ain't going to work now." Harry laughed. I just stood still and the boys walked past me. "Coming?" Liam asked. I shook my head. "My big brother is just going to leave me here to die..." I paused and looked at the boys who were staring at me. "I will have to live in a box and eat grass for the rest of my life..." I looked at the boys again. "Heres the Drama Queen that i remember" Harry said. "Oh how I wish I could be saved by my brother. Harry Edward Styles." People were walking past and staring at me. "If only I didn't have to have 10 000 rats as my best friends. Oh what will mum think?" I continued to act out. "Harry? Is that you? Am I in heaven?" "No you twit!" He laughed. He picked me up and put me on his back. "Can you shut up now?" Harry asked. I laughed. "Yes." I pecked his cheek. All the boys just laughed. It was all quiet when we arrived at the park. There was barely anyone there. I jumped down off Harry's back and ran over to the park. "Come on Hazza!" I yelled across to him." All the boys laughed and ran with me. I felt like a five year old. I was running. Not a care in the world. Until I tripped over. "Ouch!" I yelped. Harry just laughed. "Hasn't changed." Harry said and shook his head. I just laughed. Louis, Niall and Zayn ran past with the footy and I just sat on the grass. Liam was slowly walking past. "Oi! Liam, can you help me up?" He laughed and grabbed my hands, pulling me up off the ground. "Thank you" I said. Harry was setting up a picnic blanket. I walked over helped spread it out. Liam ran over with the other boys kicking a ball. Harry sat with me. "I really missed you." Harry smiled. "I missed you too Hazza." I gave him a hug. "So, what's new? Got a boyfriend?" Typical brother to be asking that question. "Yeah, totally, a guy is going to look at me." I laughed. "They would, the boys can't take their eyes off you." I blushed. "Yeah well, that's just 4 guys out of millions." I don't date guys any mores one experience put me off the whole relationship thing. "You alright?" I heard Harry ask. I nodded. "Just memories." I sighed. "Is there something your not telling me?" I bit my lip. "Um yeah, just between me and you though. I-I don't want anyone else to know." He nodded and I took a deep breath. Telling him every detail of that painful memory.
"Your what?!" Tom yelled at me. "Preg-" he cut me off with a slap to the face. I fell to the floor tears streaming down my face. "How the hell are you pregnant?!" I cried. "I wasn't expecting this." I whined. He kicked my stomach. "Yeah well it happened!" He picked me up by the hair and threw me so I hit my head on a table. Blood streaming down my head. "Tom...please. I don't know what to do.." He yanked me up by the hair. "You bitch! You did this to me. Say you love me then get pregnant with someone else's baby." "It's your baby..." He threw me to the ground. "Yeah right, you slut!" I cried. "Please..." He kicked my stomach once again. I cried in pain. He slapped my face. Then everything went black.
I woke up on hospital. Dad was there. Crying and holding my hand. "Dad?" I asked. "Mikaela. Thank god! That son of a bitch hit you." I gripped his hand. "I know, I know. How is everything?!" I asked. "Sweetie, the baby died. It got brain damage from taking that kick. I'm sorry." Tears streamed down my face. "No." I cried.
Harry grabbed my hand, tears streaming down his face as he tried to wipe my tears away. "Mikki, I'm so sorry, why didn't you call? Come then..." I rubbed his hand with my thumb. "I was only 15. I couldn't. I'm sorry." He started to cry again and hugged me. "That's the truth. The painful truth." I cried. He hugged me tighter with every word. We spent the rest of the day talking and playing games. I didn't want this to end.
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