Long Lost Styles

Harry Styles and Mikaela Styles are brother and sister. When Harry was 12 and Mikaela was 10 their parents split up and they went separate ways. When Mikaela is 18 she runs away in search of her brother. When she finds him, he protects her, maybe a little too much. Will this be a family reunion or a mistake Mikaela wishes she never made?


42. Moving Away...

Mikaela's POV
Want my honest opinion? Fine! My boyfriend, brother and best friends are moving away! Nikki and I can't go! They can't do anything about it either. They have been here too long and they miss their girlfriends. "I don't want to go Panda Bear. If I could stay I would." Liam said as he played with my hair. We were sitting on the grass together. "I know. I just wish there was some way to stay together." He sighed. "We will come and visit." I looked at him and gave him a small smile. "But who knows. We may find other people that we...love and..." He grabbed my arm. "That won't happen. We are crazy for each other." I looked down and shook my head. "Mikaela," he lifted my head up. "I love you." "I love you too." I said softly. He pulled my face closer to his and we kissed passionately. Our lips moving in sync. It would of been a perfect moment if he wasn't leaving in a few hours.
Nikki's POV
"I'm so sorry." Harry said as he hugged me. "It's okay Haz, you have to do what you have to do. I understand." He nudged my neck. "But I don't want to go. I love you Nikki." I smiled. "I love you too." He kissed my cheek and we laid on the couch together. He hummed in my ear as a few tears streamed down my face.
Liam's POV
"We are going!" Louis yelled from inside. I felt Mikaela tighten around me. (THEY WERE JUST HUGGING! DIRTY MINDED PEOPLE! Hehe ;)) "Come on." I said. She shook her head. "I have always had a fear that if I let you go, you might disappear. The theory is true this time." I picked her up with her still hugging me. I held her under her thighs and walked inside. Everyone laughed when they saw us. "Your not taking him." She said. They chuckled again. "Come on babe. I have to go." I said. She looked up at me. Not that look. She thinks she means nothing and I don't care about leaving her. She did this the other time. "No. It hurts me too. But I have to go." I said. Tears streamed down her face as she jumped down. But she held her arms around me. "Please don't go. I'll do better. I'll clean, make beds. Anything please don't go." She said in tears. This girl was going to make me cry. "Babe. Your not the reason I'm leaving." She nodded. "I know. But I don't want you to go." I threw my arms around her and kissed her head.  All the other boys were hugging Nikki. "Can we have a hug now?" They asked. Mikaela let go of me and ran to them. She hugged Louis, then Niall, then Zayn. When it came to Harry. She wouldn't let go of him. "Bye Mikki." She cried. "Bye Haz." They let go and Mikaela ran back to me and jumped in my arms. "I-I don't want you to go." She said again. "I know. We can call and text and all that." She nodded. "I love you." She stuttered. "I love you Panda Bear." She giggled and we kissed passionately again. When we pulled apart I walked out the door. Not because I wanted to leave but if I looked back at her, I wouldn't be able to leave. It's hard enough now. We all hopped in the car. Mikaela and Nikki stood there watching and crying. We waved to them. And drove off. I saw Mikaela and Nikki drop to their knees. Then they were out of site. "It's alright mate. You'll see her again." Zayn said as he patted my shoulder. "But did you see the way she looked at me." Harry put his arm around me. "It's hard leaving the one we love. Even only for a little while. I miss Nikki already." I knew they were really in love. They couldn't be separated. "I can't believe there was no way that they could come." Niall said. I looked down. The girl I loved...it's true. I did disappear and so did she.

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