Long Lost Styles

Harry Styles and Mikaela Styles are brother and sister. When Harry was 12 and Mikaela was 10 their parents split up and they went separate ways. When Mikaela is 18 she runs away in search of her brother. When she finds him, he protects her, maybe a little too much. Will this be a family reunion or a mistake Mikaela wishes she never made?


36. Movie Night, with just a little romance.

Mikaela's POV
Tonight, Liam, Harry, Nikki and myself are having a movie night. Nikki and Harry aren't close anymore. I really don't understand. I thought we were over the whole baby fight thing. Speaking of the baby. I have my ultrasound next week. Liam is really calm and loving about this. "Can we talk about it now?" Harry asked Nikki as me and Liam searched for a movie. "Mikki, you don't mind if we go for a few minutes right?" I giggled. "As long as its not 7 minutes." I said with a wink. (7 minutes in heaven. Where you have to be in a room with someone for 7 minutes and you generally do sexual stuff :/) they walked off upstairs to Harry's room. I wonder what they were going to talk about.
Nikki's POV
We walked upstairs to Harry's room and sat on his bed. I was actually nervous as to what he wants to say. "Why are you scared of me?" He asked. I shook my head. If I was scared would I have come up here with him? "I'm not scared of you Harry." "Then why didn't you let me near you that night? Then you wouldn't talk to me." I sighed. "I was shocked. I wasn't mad of scared just surprised that you did that." He looked down and a tear dropped from his eyes I usually wouldn't see guys cry. I was glad Harry would let his feelings out. "I-I never meant to hurt anyone." I hugged him. "I know Harry." "Liam, Mikki, you. I never meant any of it." I rubbed his back. "I know you didn't Harry. We forgive you and love you for your mistakes. Look at it this way, if you didn't hit Liam. Mikaela wouldn't of ran to his side and said her true feelings. They wouldn't be together right now." He nodded. "We wouldn't be together now either." I giggled and shook my head. "Nah, we wouldn't." He smiled and stared into my eyes. "I-I care about you." I nodded. I cared about him too. We just stared at eachother. I was hoping he would kiss me. He slowly leaned in. I rolled my eyes. Just kiss me already. I grabbed his face and pulled it towards me making him chuckle. I crashed my lips to his. It was hot and passionate but mostly it was full of love. We pulled apart for air. He leaned his forehead on mine. We just stayed like that. "IT'S BEEN MORE THAN 7 MINUTES!" I heard Mikaela yell. I giggled and Harry rolled his eyes. "SHUT UP YOU TWIT!" Harry yelled back. I bit my lip and he leaned in again. Just as we were about to kiss...."USE PROTECTION!" Harry groaned. "OH JUST SHUT YOUR BLOODY PIE HOLE!" I giggled again and pecked his lips. "We should go." I whispered. He nodded. He grabbed my hand and we stood up off the bed and walked downstairs. "About bloody time." Mikaela groaned. I giggled and Mikaela winked at me. She was snuggled unto Liam on the couch. I watched their movements as she leaned up and kissed his cheek and he turned his head and they kissed passionately. And that whole time. One of his hands, never left Mikaela's stomach. I want a relationship like that. "What movie did you pick?" Harry asked. "We are watching videos of us as young children Haz." Mikaela said. I smiled at the though. "Oh god." Harry groaned. I laughed and we say down. It started with Harry. Mikaela and Harry smiled as they saw their mum on the screen. I laughed as I watched Harry playing on his little 'Wiggle' guitar. Then Mikaela when she was a baby in her jumper seat crying cause Harry stole her dummy. "You were the cutest baby." Liam said and kissed her head. I laughed as I watched all four of their family were in the pool at the end of the tapes. Mikaela started to tear up. The tape stopped. "I remember that day." She said softly. Harry laughed. "Me too." It was funny. They seemed different then other syblings. But when you see them young and fighting, it just shows how lucky I actually am o have my family all my life. I'm really lucky.
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