Long Lost Styles

Harry Styles and Mikaela Styles are brother and sister. When Harry was 12 and Mikaela was 10 their parents split up and they went separate ways. When Mikaela is 18 she runs away in search of her brother. When she finds him, he protects her, maybe a little too much. Will this be a family reunion or a mistake Mikaela wishes she never made?


27. I'm still your Panda Bear.

Harry's POV
When I saw Mikki's face, I couldn't believe it. I had missed her so much. The rest of the boys were in the car. "H-Harry?!" I chuckled. "Happy birthday Mikki." She smiled and I pulled her in for a hug. "I-I've missed you so much." I mumbled into he hair. "I missed you too Haz." She said. "I have guests, so you'll have to meet them." I chuckled. "They will have to meet us." Right after I said that, the doors to the car opened and the boys walked out. "Your joking." She says. I laugh and she runs out to them. She ran up and hugged them all. There was a bit of awkwardness when Mikaela walked up to Liam. "MIK? WHERE ARE YOU?!" I heard someone yell. She giggled. "ALRIGHT IM COMING!" She yelled. "Come in!" She yelled to all of us. We all walked in the house. We walked into the lounge room where a boy and girl were sitting. We only saw the back of their heads. "Boys, this is Nikki and Jayden." They turned around. I froze and stared at Nikki. She wa gorgeous. Her eyes, her face, her hair. It was all perfect. Suddenly I felt a hand come I contact with my chest. "HAZ! EARTH TO HARRY!" Mikaela yelled. "Harry, Mikaela's brother." Nikki's and Jaydens jaws dropped. They looked at Mikaela and she smiled. "He actually came to see you." I laughed and Mikaela started blushing. "Okay, so the. There is Zayn, Niall, Louis and Liam." Nikki giggled and looked at Liam then at Mikaela. "The Liam? Oh god." "No way." Jayden muttered. Mikaela looked at her feet. "Mikaela has said so much about all of you." "Movie anyone?" Mikaela interrupted clearly embarrassed. "Presents first." I chuckled. She bit her lip. "Haz, you didn't have to get me presents" I chucked. "Your my sister, their best friend and his boyfriend." She looked down when I said boyfriend. "Presents it is!" Niall yelled. We all sat down and passé her the presents. Ther funny thing is...I couldn't take my eyes off Nikki.
Mikaela's POV
All the boys passed me presents. Niall got me a big teddy bear. Zayn got me a jacket. Louis got me a set of earrings and Harry was next. As I opened it, tears started forming in my eyes. "H-Haz, this was mums." He kissed my forehead. "She and myself wanted you to have it." I picked up the bracelet and put it on. it was a silver bracelet with butterflies dangling off it. Liam was last. "Happy Birthday Mikki." I opened the bag and covered my mouth. "H-How did you know?" He smirked. "I know a lot about you." I pulled out the purple bag with Mikki embroided into it. I kissed his cheek. "Thankyou all so much." I smiled. "Movie and popcorn?" They laughed and sat down on the couch. I sat next to Jayden and inbetwenn Liam's legs. We were watching 'Love actually'
I am really happy the boys are here and Haz already talked to me about staying here. Ofcourse I said yes. We have tonnes of room. Liam and I have had an awkward connection. We don't know what we are. Boyfriend and Girlfriend or just friends. Jayden leaned over. "That guys hot." He whispered. "Your weird." He laughed. "That's why you love me." I nodded. "True true." He then kissed my cheek. I felt Liam tense up. He then stood up and walked out. I looked at Jaz an he pointed towards the door. I got up and ran out after him. I saw him sitting on the chair outside. I stood infront of him. "What's wrong?" He rolled his eyes. "You know what's wrong." I shook my head. "Just tell me." "You lied, you said we were still together, you haven't kissed me, anything like we used too. Your still my Panda Bear." I nodded. "I'm still your Panda Bear. I was just confused as to how you felt." He shook his head and slightly chuckled. "Oh please, you and that guy couldn't keep your hands off eachother." I giggled and soon my laughs were so loud I couldn't breath. "Me and Jayden? Are you serious?!" He looked at me. "Yeah, why are you laughing?" I giggled. "Liam, Jayden's gay. Your the one I have to look out for. He would never even look at me." I grabbed his hands. "I still love you, you know." He smirked. "Do you now Panda Bear?!" I giggled and nodded. I sat next to him. "I promise." I leaned closer and he put his hands on my waist. "I love you too" he whispered. I smiled and leaned closer. Our lips crashed together and my hands went through his hair. I bit his lower lip. He hugged me. I giggled as he kissed my hair and tickled my cheek. "I still have the Panda." He looked at me. "Yeah, me too." I giggled. (He means Mikaela, you know cause her nickname is Panda Bear.) I kissed his cheek. I was pulled back down to his lips again and our tongues danced with eachothers. I slid my hands up under his shirt. "Don't get too sexual, big brother is watching." I turned and saw Harry standing in the doorway on his phone. "How long have you been standing there?" I asked and pulled my hands out from under Liam's shirt. "Long enough." I bit my lip. "Everyone was wondering what was taking so long." He said. I rilles my eyes and Harry smirked and walked back inside. I pecked Liam's lips. "We will finish that later." I whispered in his ear and stood up. He grabbed my hand. "I've been saved." I giggled and we walked back inside.
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