Drifting apart

Brooklyn and Haley are best friends until they slowly start to drift apart. Partially because of Haley's new boyfriend Niall and also because Brooklyn doesn't always believe her.


13. Walks are fun...Unless

Haley's P.O.V

                  It was Saturday so I decided to go on a walk because it was really nice out i took my I pod with me cuz I like to take pictures when it's nice out. When I got out side I started to walk up a hill and take a picture. So I let my hair flow in the wind and stand against the sun. When I took the picture I went to look at it someone was like following me because I could see the person behind me in the picture. I looked back and I saw the last person I wanted to see... Niall. "Ummm why are you following me that's really creepy?". "I wanted to talk to you". "So you stalk them when you want to talk to people." "well i knew if i texted you, you wouldn't answer" He looked down at his shoes. "well what do you want to talk about?" "I wanted to say I was sorry" "your kinda late for that but fine whatever I could give less of a shit" "listen, I know your mad at me but why can't you forgive me?" "Niall I can't forgive you because you can't trust me.... I guess what i'm saying is you thought I was cheating on you and you didn't even let me explain I was heartbroken you know that right so I guess that's why I can't forgive you" I started to walk away. But then Niall grabbed my arm and pulled me into a kiss. I tried pushing away but he had me in an awkward position. I finally got one hand free and smacked him "OWW what was that for?!?!" "you.. you kissed me I have a boyfriend you don't do that!" With that I ran down the hill back to my house. I slammed the door shut and hopped on my bed and started crying I didn't know what to think. I was hurt.



Hey guys It's Hails sorry I haven't written in a long time I haven't been on the computer much well tell me how you like this chapter XXXXXD Hails545

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