Drifting apart

Brooklyn and Haley are best friends until they slowly start to drift apart. Partially because of Haley's new boyfriend Niall and also because Brooklyn doesn't always believe her.


18. The Boys

Haley's P.O.V.

                          I was walking down the street to Louis's house and remembering holding his hand to his house kissing in the middle of the street. Then the memory were I had to run down this street to get to Brooklyn's and find them kissing. I broke down I couldn't hold it in anymore I was known as the no crying girl and making people who felt down better. I always put people before me and never thought about my problems I just pushed them away and right now is were my problems came back and pushed me down so I couldn't get up and I just sat there on the curb crying my eyes out until I had no more or when I started getting a headache. I sat there until I thought the puffiness died down

                           I got to his house and rang the doorbell. Zayn answered it, I was just glad it was him and not Louis or Niall. I got to the living room and all the boys were sitting watching football (as normal boys would do) They all looked my direction which scared me a little cuz they did it at the exact same time. "um hi you guys wanted to see me?" I said uncomfortably "um yeah take a seat" Liam said. I took the farthest seat away from all of them. "so what do you want" "why did you decide to talk in class today?" Louis blurted out. "because I could" "well why was Brooklyn smiling then?" my angry was rising because he wants to know everything "because she knew I was going to talk" "wait you have been talking to her and not to me?" Louis said. I wanted to punch him in the face so bad he honestly didn't know I was so going to kick his ass "YOU HONESTLY DON"T KNOW!?!" I screamed at him "No i honestly don't" "I'm going to kick your ass Louis!!!!!!!" I started running after him but Harry and Liam stopped me and grabbed me by the arms "let me go I want to kick his ass!" "no not until you tell us why your so angry with him" Harry said i never really noticed Harry before he was kinda cute WAIT what am I thinking I hate all of them. "Okay fine but you have to let me go"  "promise you won't go running after Louis?" Harry asked. I sighed "fine". They let me go "Last year I caught Louis and Brooklyn kissing and saying they had to keep it a secret and they are still dating today So that day I caught them I decided not to waste my breath on any one again and it was working until Brooklyn apologized and we became friends again and she dared me to talk again and I did so Yeah that's it basically" I said. They all looked at me with sorry faces. I stood up "guys i don't need you to be sorry for me I've been doing this on my own for what a year now, I don't need anyone's sorrow" with that I walked out the door, but someone was following me. I turned around and there was Liam "what do you want Liam?" I asked annoyed. "um I wanted to see if you were okay" he said getting closer " I'm fine Liam I'm perfectly fine." He just came closer and closer then he wait did Liam just hug me out of all the people to hug me it was Liam. I mean I'm not complaining just that I was shocked. It felt kinda nice being hugged by him he nearly covered my body he was so tall I never really noticed these things about him before.


Ha I like this chapter i took me an hour to write XDDDD Hails545

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