Drifting apart

Brooklyn and Haley are best friends until they slowly start to drift apart. Partially because of Haley's new boyfriend Niall and also because Brooklyn doesn't always believe her.


17. Suprise

Haley's P.O.V.

                 I talked to Brooklyn and we both agreed that I would talk now. I haven't realized how much my voice has changed its just a little deeper and not a child voice. So today in class i would raise my hand and most likely the teacher would call on me and i would talk and so that's the plan. :)

                I didn't want to do it in first period that would lead to people asking me questions all day. so I thought maybe 7th period yeah that will work ~skip to 7th period~  Me and Brooklyn couldn't stop smiling because we knew what everyone's reaction was going to be. So i was playing it off cool and most of the time I don't know the questions "what is 522+3342?" my teacher asked. I slowly raised my hand and i'm in the middle of the class room so everyone noticed. "umm... Haley do you want to tell us what it is" "yes the answer is 3864" I said confidently. Everyone was in shock and Brooklyn was smiling but Louis noticed her and looked hurt. I just frowned remembering that day I so badly want to forget. Everyone kept asking questions and soon enough everyone knew good thing I waited until the end of the day. When I was walking home my phone started buzzing with a lot of texts and some peoples numbers I forgot I had but one that caught my eye was Louis's 

Louis: The boys and I need to talk to you

Me: Why what do you need?

Louis: Just come over okay

Me: fine whatever be there in a few

Louis: Okay thanks love

Me: don't ever call me love again!

Louis:why... never mind

 And i left it at that I wonder what they want


Ha what do you think the boys want? lol XDDD Hails545


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