Drifting apart

Brooklyn and Haley are best friends until they slowly start to drift apart. Partially because of Haley's new boyfriend Niall and also because Brooklyn doesn't always believe her.


9. School

Brooklyn's P.O.V.
Today's Monday and its very boring. Everybody keeps giving Haley more dirty looks. I thought they got over that? Haley asked I did too. That can only really mean one thing. I stared at her. As i could see the anger in her eyes because she knew it had to have been Louis. Even after I specifically told him not too!
Haley's P.O.V.
I can't believe it! He told someone! I told him not to. This is worse than when I was getting dirty looks from girls because I was dating Niall. Now they hate me because Louis has a big mouth! It's not my fault. I just couldn't decide! Brooklyn was the one who had suggested choosing one. And I have. Even though he told someone it's not gonna stop me from loving him and dating him. Like they say Forgive and Forget. Right? I go straight to Louis by myself. I pull him aside and ask him if he told any key and to be honest. Of course he wasn't. He told me no I didn't tell anyone anything. You told me not to so I didn't. I'm not sure i believe you. I said But I will find out Louis you can't hide this I need to know. It would be better if YOU told me instead of me having to ask around. He just stared at me so I walked off.
After School
I text Brook telling her that I talked to Louis and he denied it. All she said was okay. I just don't understand why. Why would he? It's pure betrayal even if It was only one friend or I forgave him it still wasn't right. I texted Niall and asked if he had heard.
Niall: Yeah. Why? Why are you even talking to me?
Me: Niall, I'm sorry it's just...
Niall: it's just what?!? You go around and cheat on me is that it?!
Me: No! I didn't know what to do... Louis saved my life....and I'm torn between you two so I just went out one night to the movies him. I swear we did nothing! You can hate me all you want. I'm sorry.
Niall: now that you explain it it's okay...but I don't know if I can trust you...you cheated on me with my best friend! I I just can't deal with this we're we're over. I'm sorry but I don't no Icahn deal with you!
Me: Niall....
Me: umm bye
I texted Brook again and told her Niall no longer trusts me so he broke up with me.
Brook: is this a good or bad thing? Because you wanted Louis right?
Me: well I guess yeah it is.
Brook: okay then, so now you and Louis don't have to hide. I gotta go
Me: bye
Well this day was very shitty...Brook didn't help me at all and Niall broke up with me, and Louis told someone. But who cares like I said before Forgive and Forget. Don't dwell on the past. And with that I went to bed.
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