Drifting apart

Brooklyn and Haley are best friends until they slowly start to drift apart. Partially because of Haley's new boyfriend Niall and also because Brooklyn doesn't always believe her.


14. I have no one

Haley's P.O.V

               Me: Hey umm I was on a walk and Niall showed up and we started arguing and then he kissed me I slapped him then ran off...

Brook: Um okay that's bad

Me:is everything okay that's not what you really say all the time do you need me to come over?

Brook: NO I mean it's okay i'm fine everything is alright no need to worry :)

Me: Okay.... I guess 

                   I knew something was wrong I had to go check it out. Something didn't seem right when she texted me that wasn't the normal her. When I got to her house I knew if I knocked on her door she would tell me to go home considering that she didn't want me over luckily I knew how to get to her window. I really wished I hadn't though because what I saw made me burst into tears. Right there on the bed was Brooklyn and Louis KISSING. But I stayed a little longer listening to what they were saying. All I caught was "we can tell no one" or "it's our little secret". I wanted really bad to open the window and scream at them. My own best friend turning on me. Everything we have been through was gone I couldn't trust anyone because I had no one. I didn't have anyone to go to with my problems and if I went to a therapist they wouldn't understand like Brooklyn does, or did. I can't talk to my parents they would tell me to get over it I hate that about them they don't get it.

now my favorite song is: Mama's Broken Heart (it will make scence if you listen to the song)

It's been a week scene I have talked to anybody I have had 50 messages from Brooklyn and Louis 20 missed calls and 5 voice mails saying why aren't you answering me or did I make you mad. Its funny how they haven't caught on about why I'm not talking to them or anyone in fact I don't even talk to myself. Not even to teachers when they call on me I just shrug my shoulders I have gotten 2 detentions from it but I don't care anymore.



How do you like that not expecting that uh XXXXDDD Hails545    

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