Drifting apart

Brooklyn and Haley are best friends until they slowly start to drift apart. Partially because of Haley's new boyfriend Niall and also because Brooklyn doesn't always believe her.


11. Getting ready for the dance

Brooklyn's P.O.V
The dance was this Friday the Theme was Masked and it was wear we had to wear masks get it lol not really funny but still. I was getting ready with Haley because she was at my house. I am wearing teal strapless dress it has has lace in the shape of flowers and a pink bow that you tie. I'm straightening my hair and putting black eye linner on with a little mascara. Haley is wearing a blue and black dress it's like all tutu from the bottom all the way to the top but your boobs because that part is black with lace on it. She has a black necklace on black high heels with flowers on the tops of them. She has her hair curled and she has a lot of hair so that is a lot of curls but it looks good. She wearing black eye liner and mascara like me. And we were ready to go
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