Harry's Famous Sister

Harry has a twin sister named Carter Arianna Styles. Carter is a teen pop senation since she won first place in the X-Factor. Louis has always had a crush on Carter what happens when Zayn gets in the way of that? Read to find out more!


2. The Surprise at the Concert

                                                                                Carter's P.O.V.

I was just chilling in my tour bus with my maid, Lucy. I was on my way to my concert in L.A. "Miss Styles your room is clean now." Lucy said. "Thanks Lucy. You know you can just call me Carter." I said with a smile on my face. "But-" Lucy started. "No buts." I said. "Oh alright if you insist. So, do you want a turkey sandwich Miss- I mean Carter." Lucy said. "Sure, thanks Luc." I said. "You are very welcome I will send it to your room when I finish." Lucy said. "Okay." I said. Lucy nodded and made her way into the kitchen area. I got up and walked over to my small room. I got on my laptop and just went into Twitter. I saw some hate on it but I didn't care. Because they don't really know who I am then why should I care. "Here ya go Carter." Lucy said as she walked in with a plate with a turkey sandwich on it. I smiled. "Thanks Luc." I said as I took the plate. "Your welcome. I will go talk with your bus driver for a bit." Lucy said. "Kay." I said. She shut the door behind her. Lucy had always liked my bus driver David. They were both 40 and liked each other. I smiled. Then laptop started beeping. It said something about Skype. It said; 'Sexy_Styles is calling' I giggled. It was Harry. I pressed answer then Harry's face popped up. "Hey Carter!" Harry screamed. "Haha hey Haz." I said. "What 'chu doing?" Harry asked. "Eating a turkey sandwich." I said. "You and your turkey." Harry teased. "Haha. What about you Haz?" I laughed/asked. "Eatin' a banana." Harry replied as he took a bite out of his banana. Then Louis walked into me and Harry's convosation. "Hey Superman." I said.

                                                                               Louis' P.O.V.

"Hey Superman." Carter said. I smiled at myself. "Hey  Harmony." I said. I called Carter 'Harmony' because she called her fans that and she adores that word. That and Symphony. "What are you doing here?" Harry asked. "Last time I checked we are staying at this hotel." I sassed at Harry. Carter started laughing. "Haha very funny Lou." Harry said pretty annoyed. "Hey its what I do." I said. "Yeah ok whatever. Back to the convosation." Harry said.

                                                                           -Le time skip 3:00 p.m. Still Louis' P.O.V.-      

"Haha! Ok guys I got to go." Carter said. "Aww!" Harry and I said at the same time. "Sorry guys! I have to get ready for the concert." Carter explained. "Okay. See ya in a bit Carter." Harry said. "Bye guys." Carter said.  "Bye." Harry and I said. Harry ended the call. "Now its time for us to get ready." Harry said as he turned to me. "Kay lets go get the boys." I said. The boys and I were going to surprise Carter at her concert after she does her last song and does a cover of a song. Niall thought of the idea. We are so excited and see the look on Carter's face when she sees us.             

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