Harry's Famous Sister

Harry has a twin sister named Carter Arianna Styles. Carter is a teen pop senation since she won first place in the X-Factor. Louis has always had a crush on Carter what happens when Zayn gets in the way of that? Read to find out more!


1. Carter Ariana Styles

                                                                                             Carter's P.O.V

   Hey! I am Carter Ariana Styles! I am 19 years old I am also Harry Styles' twin sister. Harry is older than me by five minutes. I have bright green eyes like Harry, natural curly hair like Harry, and pinkish pale skin like Harry. I got my apperence all from Harry as you can see. But, everyone knows who I am, I am teen pop sensation Carter Styles. It all started doing song covers on YouTube then started doing school talent shows then that all lead up to auditioning for the X-Factor. I got in first palce in the X-Factor, I so surprised. I had made it so far on this journey. I always enjoyed my normal teenage life but I am just fine where I am headed.  


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