Styles VS Bieber

Selena and Harry are best friends when Selena wins a recording contract and Harry is planing to go to the X - factor when they meet again 2 years later an Selena has a boyfriend who Harry hates will Harry get jealous find out


2. The news (it's still the past)

Harry pov She is here time to tell the news I walk down stairs and she her there she is so beautiful I love Harry no what's wrong with you she is your best friend I open the door and she greets me with a hug I hug back she looks upset " what wrong Selena you look upset I ask her" no I am just thinking about something "Are you ok you look like you have to tell someone something " she asked me well it's time "Selena I have to tell you something I am going to the X factor for 6 months I am so sor " I am cut off by her kissing me I kiss back then she tells me something I don't want to hear

Selena pov He is telling me that he is leaving so I go and kiss him he kisses back then we break apart time to tell him my news Harry I have to tell you something I am happy your leaving You are Yes and no because I got a recording contract in la I am leaving in 2 days I told him I love him so much but I don't think he likes me

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