Styles VS Bieber

Selena and Harry are best friends when Selena wins a recording contract and Harry is planing to go to the X - factor when they meet again 2 years later an Selena has a boyfriend who Harry hates will Harry get jealous find out


3. Meet again

Selena pov So my manger just told me that I am opening for a new boy band one direction I am opening for there show in New York I am a little bit nervous to meet them so my boyfriend Justin yes I have a boyfriend I am over Harry I haven't seen him in. 2 years and I am happy time to go Justin's here "Hey Justin what's up I missed you how was Canada I asked him It was good I miss my mom and everybody Cool are you ready to go yes we're are we going again London Ok ready Yes let's go SKIP PLANE RIDE AND TAXI RIDE We are here let's go I kiss Justin on the lips and we go inside when we reach inside i we meet the boys Louis,Liam,Zayn,and Niall the all tell me about them selves and they tell me that there is 5 for them but he is running late He comes in and it's him my best friend Harry pov I walk in to the lounge I see a girl is it Selena Ahhhhh Harry your are in one direction Selena I hug her so hard I miss you I missed you to how are you Good what are you doing here I am opening your show in MSG I am so happy to see you Selena pov I am so happy he is here I jump on him and we fall I look over at Justin he is getting a little tense so I get of Harry's lap and go sit beside Justin I introduce Harry and Justin Harry this is my boyfriend Justin Justin this is my best friend Harry Nice to meet you Harry says always so nice see what happens

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