From here on out

From the day Paige first met justin, her life completely changed.


1. Today's the day

BEEP BEEP BEEP Paige's alarm went off and she jumped out of bed and ran to her calendar, today she was meeting her idol, Justin Bieber at a book signing. She ran to the bathroom and pounded on the door but her brother was in the shower. "Hurry up Tyler, I'm going to be late!" She shouted, but he ignored her. Paige decide to go make breakfast while she frantically waited for the shower. She threw some bread in the toaster and pulled out the jam. When she finished eating she ran up stairs to shower and get ready. By the time she was ready it was 11:30 and her bestfriend Nicole was waiting at the door. Paige ran down the stairs, her long blonde hair following behind. She grabbed her copy of 'just getting started' and they ran out the door.
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