From here on out

From the day Paige first met justin, her life completely changed.


3. See you there

Now what? Should I call him? What do I say? "If you don't call him I will!" Bursted out Nicole, "pick up your phone and call him!" I grabbed my phone off my bed stand and dialled the number on my book. "Hey" a voice said from the other end of the call, he paused, "It's justin" Paige's jaw dropped, "...hello? Who is this" Justin said. "It's Paige, from the book signing this morning," Paige and Nicole were both crying by this point and accidentally hung up. "OMG what have you done?" Nicole screamed and snatched the phone from Paige. Before either of them could calm down, the phone started buzzing, it was a FaceTime from '' "I BET IT'S JUSTIN" they both shouted. "BE QUIET" Tyler banged on the wall. Paige and Nicole rushed down the stairs and into the backyard and then answered the phone. At first all they saw was a note stuck to a bouquet of flowers and could hear people having a conversation in the background. Paige read the note out loud, "meet me in glacier park at 7?" "Of course!" Justin popped into the screen and winked ;)
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