From here on out

From the day Paige first met justin, her life completely changed.


2. Is this real life?

When they arrived at the signing, there were already dozens of people waiting outside. They sprinted to get in line before anyone else showed up. After being in line for 10 minutes there were atLeast 70 people behind them but they were almost at the front. "Paige, Paige! There he is! I can see him!" Nicole squealed. Justin was wearing a red tank top and a charcoal grey beanie. The moment felt so real, his perfectly tanned skin, his chiselled jawline, and his gorgeous brown eyes and it was all right in front of us. We were next, I was shaking. We stepped forward and I hand Justin my book. "What's your name beautiful" Justin asked. I could barley talked and muttered "p-p-aige" he stood up and gave me a huge warm hug then he handed me my book and did the same with Nicole. Moshe escorted us out the door and into the parking lot. We were so caught up in the moment we totally forgot the look at the books until we got home. I read mine out loud, "Paige, me plus you, imma tell you one time, call me 587-8462" Nicole and I screeched and she read hers "all I need is a beauty and a beat, YOU can make my life complete, 587-8462" we screamed so loud that Tyler came to see what was going on but we just jumped up and down fangirling!
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