Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


27. what just happened?!

it was morning and I got out of the cab with Dani  "stay here I need to go to the bathroom" dani says and walks off

I wait by a tree and someone bumps into me "im sorr- hey rosie! never thought you would be here" ethan says ugh! hes going here?! "can you just go away from me?" I say "please.... forgive me" etthan says "I told you already, no" I say "pleeaaaaaaase!" he whines "NO" I say "c'mon just be friends" he says grr. im going to burst if he keeps on bothering me like this "will you stay away from me If I say yes?" I say irritated "yes" he says "then, yes, I forgive you" I asy and he jumps around like a toddler  and I walk away and see dani come my way "hey" I say "hi, lets get to class" she says and we walk to our class "dare you going to the convention?" she asks "what convention?" I ask "every one is taking about it, who ever comes, gets 100 credit" dani say s"oh cool, ill go" I say "Im gonna to meet selena gomez tonight" she brags "haha" I say and I enter my class and see ethan sitting right next to my chair "you come here?" I whine "yup! its funny that youre my partner for this project" he says pointing at the board that said,'you will be working with your neighbor this week for the convention' ugh! can this day get any worse?!


harrys pov

I woke and checked the time, it was 9:45 I looked beside me and I saw Louis looking through a magazine all dressed up "I went out this morning and got this magazine, look!" he says and points to me and rosie at her collage hugging "its all over the internet and every thing!" Louis says and I go on twitter and see a lot of hate and sad people "wow" I say and changed into my suit and white pants


dani's pov

I went to my next class and sat on my desk a chair away from rosies one and I see ethan walk in talking to rosie, she looked irritated. she sat down "he is driving me crazy!! we need to go to the convention because we are working together" she says "oooh that sucks" I say and ethan got assigned to sit right between us "ok, today we will be reviewing on things that you learned  in high school to freashen up you're memorie, so pick a study partner" the professor says and obviously me and rosie go together leaving ethan with no partner "ethan, I guess you will just partner up to dani and rosie because they are the closest to you" he says and rosie rolls her eyes and looks like she is calming herself from bursting into flames



rosies pov

it was 5 and me and dani are getting ready, dani wore jeans with a blue top and a scarf as I wore black jeans and a white top

with a black vest over it "bye" dani says and walks out the door "bye" i reply and tie my hair up into a pony tail and walk out side and catch a cab to the university


i walk in the building and see ethan waiting by the door "hi" he says and i ignore him and walk to our table,

we worked on experiments and gained our friendship back, it was already done and we were cleaning up and i could tell that he was flirting with me and i laugh and he kisses me but i pull away  "i like you, and all but im taken an i don't love you the way i used to before!" i yell "i know, and im sorry" he says and sighs and i walk out side and see a lot of fans by a car that drove off,


harrys pov

i got back to my flat

dani said that she was at a convention that ended at 10pm, i should come early to pick her up, i got dressed and went to her collage and entered the building and saw rosie, she was laughing but then she kissed.....ethan!? then said she liked him! i walked a way without hearing the whole entire conversation before i would cry hard i ran and went into my car and just sat there crying and saw a lot of fans screaming running to my car but i just drove off

rosies pov

i totally forgot that  i was supposed to see harry! i checked my watch and it was 10pm, i ran to his flat and knocked the door and harry picked up looking like he was crying? "whats happened?" i ask him "you tell me!" he says with his hard voice "i- what are you talking about?!" i say "i saw you kiss him" he says and lets me walk into the flat "harry, he kissed me, but i let go' i say "then why did you say that you liked him?" he says "oohhh, you didn't hear the rest of the conversation!" i say "i don't believe you! going back with that murderer!?" he yells "harry trust me! you don't understand" i say "yeah, i don't understand" he says "harry believe me, im not going out with him" i say "if you are telling the truth, why would you even talk to him or let him get to you quickly?" he asks "he was irritating me and he's in all of my classes! he sits right next to me" i say "im sorry for yelling, i just wanted to be with you before i start to live on the tour bus for now on and not see you for a while.. but i guess we need to end it this way" he says and pushes me out of his flat... did we just break up?!



hope you liked my story so far! but you're going to have to wait for a while :( sorry but im really busy with school work and im not going to update till school ends :/ which would be in 2 months or in june/july sadly. but anyways hope you enjoy reading this movella! please follow me on twitter @2000mroses

thank you!

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