Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


16. what else?!

"what do you want! go away! I thought you were on Hannah's side!!" I yell at harry and try to run into the woods but he grabs my hand and pulls me to him "I don't know what side I am in but I feel like I should trust you more because I had his flash back where it was pouring and I was heart broken looking at a car saying 'you' then the  car drove off" he says "and so?" I say trying to pull my hand away but he was too strong "you didn't let me finish... then today you yelled at Hannah saying if you never left then I wouldn't be with her and it was a puzzle, because I think you were the one in the car, my true love. the one that left because of her, the one who saved me in fights, you are the one and im sorry-" I cut him off "no...its me who should be apologizing, im the one that believed her and left" I say with rain falls of tears ran down my cheeks "don't blame your self" harry says and hugs me as I cry in his chest. "I remember every thing now...all the things we had been through together.. I loved you so much that when I got hit... I forgot about you" he says


dani's POV

I hope rosie is ok! she really got mad that I thought  she would punch Hannah but she didn't and stormed out of the house as  harry goes after her and now Hannah is soo fake crying about this situation right now "im so....confused" Louis says "yeah us too" liam says "well what happened was...harry and rosie were best friends and got bullied together and helped each other all the time then they start to fall in love with each other but Hannah here started a rumor that one of the fights was fake saying that roise fought for harry for nothing and then she got sad and when she walked home Hannah purposely kissed harry so she decided to move here with her dad and when she left, harry got depressed and got hit bye a car then lost him memory then yeah...that's pretty much it" I say  "wow that's a story!' zayn says "didn't know that! that's why she got so pissed" liam says "yeah. I would feel the same" I say then the door opens and we see harry and rosie wet. I go to the bathroom and grab two towel and give it to them "thanks" harry says and we just sit there silently and Louis breaks the silence by running up to harry holding his shoulders shaking him "you need to remember!" he yells "haha lou, that's why I ran after her! I figured out the puzzles from my flash back and finally remembered!!" harry says "yeah!! yay!" liam, niall, and zayn says while going up to him jumping around like crazy I walk up to rosie and Hannah gets up grabs her bag and loudly gets out of the house and it became silent then the boys got back to yelling "so... what happened!!"I say "he remembers!! and we just hugged in the rain and I was holding his arms when we were walking through thick fog" she says "that's all? you guys never kiss or held hands or any thing?" I ask "nope" she says "but did you want to hold his hand" I ask "haha kinda...I missed him for a long time" she says

rosies POV

"I know what we should do!!" I yell me and Louis look at each other "video games!!" we yell together and go upstairs to grab the games but once I got in my room the door closes and gets locked and I turn around and see ethan stab my stomach as I felt pain and fell to the ground screaming from the pain. I see ethan laugh and go down the window with a rope and I tried to walk to the rope to cut it but I was in too much pain and every thing  got slow and every thing went black


Louis's POV

we heard screaming.... rosie!! me, harry and dani run upstairs and her door was locked we heard a thump. she must have fell. "rosie!!!" harry yells pounding the door as hard as he could "theres no use!" dani says "wait I know a way!" I yell and grab a bobby pin from dani's hair and poke it into the door nob wobbling it a couple of times and unlock it "woah" dani says. we run into the room and there was blood every where. shes been stabbed! she was on the ground knocked out,. harry was panicking like crazy "dani go tell her dad this!"i  say and she runs out as I run down too "liam call 911! shes been stabbed!" I yell as liam grabs his phone out and calls. I sit by zayn and niall breathing deeply "what!!" rosies dad yells and runs upstairs... and the ambulance arrives.. what else is going to happen?!


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