Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


39. wake up

Rosie POV I had to do it.. for dad I had no choice unless he would die, I got into the car once I dropped Darcy off and head back home. I called harry when I was almost there "hello" he picked up "hi, I'm almost home" I say "are you driving?" He says "yup" I say "Rosie you know that's dangerous!" He says "I know" I say and a tear rolls down my cheeks "so... Is there a reason you called?" He asks and I nod but he couldn't see me so I said "yah" Harry's POV " Yah" she says what happened it sounds like she's depressed or something "I just wanted to tell you that..I love you and Darcy a lot and that I will come back" she says as I could tell that she was silently crying "well.. I lobe you too..." I say pausing this doesn't make any since what she is telling me "take care of Darcy for me" she says and I hear a bang "Rosie!!" I yell and I hear her scream "NOO!!" I yell ----------------------- I was at the hospital waiting for her. I checked the time 5:35pm "crap!!" I yell and run to the car.. I drove really fast and literally jumping out of the car sprinting towards Darcy's class room "is darcy here?" I ask "oh. Uhm calins mum brought her with her" Darcy's teacher says and I sigh in relief "thanks" I say and walk back into the car and headed back home ---- I got out of the car and went strait to Louis house "Lou!!" I say and nick on the door "yeah" Louis says opening the door "Darcy in there?" I ask and he nods as I walk in "ele thanks for picking her up I totally forgot" its alright actually" she says and I see Darcy kissing Calvin "Darcy!!" I yell while Lou yells "Calin!!" At the same time. They let go and looked at us ashamed "you guys are too young to be missing each other!! I'm Calling niall so sky can come over yo watch you guys" Lou says Sky is Dani and nialls daughyer, she is about 2 years older then calin.. "good idea" I say to Lou and he nods "so.. what happened to rosie!? She usually talks to me when I'm on my lunch break " Eleanor says and I look down to my hands fiddling with my fingers "car crash" I say and tears started to pour down my face as Lou hugged me "oh my... That's awful" she says ----------- I went back to the hospital while Lou and else were watching darcy. "Uhm excuse me. Can any visitors visit Rosie Fox right now?" I ask the doctor and he searches through his papers "uhmm...... Yeah... But she is in a coma right now.... Room... 216 on the second floor" he says and I nod She is in a coma.... Again.... I went up the elevator and walked to room 216. Found it!! I walked into the room and saw her attached to wires and on the bed in a coma. I started to cry hard sitting on a chair facing her lifeless body. I held her hand "I'll wait for you until you wake up" I whisper and I felt her move a bit.. I stood up looking at her but she didnt seem to move anymore.. I sat other waiting and waiting --DAYS LATER-- she was still there waiting.. I looked around felt her arm harden No she can be... 'Beeeeeeeeeeeeee.....' I hear the hear rate thing say "NO WAKE UP" I say and run out side "Doctor!! Come quick!!" I yell and nurses and the doctor started running to the room and they started to do CPR "sir we need you to step out side a bit" the nurse says and I walk out sitting g on a chair right out side of the door Moments later the doctor came out and I stood up "I'm sorry Mr.Styles.. we tried our best to bring her back.." he says and I start to cry and walk into the room.. she was there... Dead.. I called every one and they came quick "where is she?!" Dani yells and runs into the room.. they all walked in and saw her laying there.. she died.. I hear crys every where as I started to cry again... ___________________ so what do you guys THINK?! Can you guys believe it!! Rosie. The main character. DIES!! I'll update tomorrow for you guys..
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