Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


14. Surprise/leaving

Rosie's POV
I woke up and I walked to the bathroom an washed my face and checked the time it was 7:00 and I changed into a wite shirt with a jacket over it and black jeans with high white converse and grabbed my bag and walked out into the hallway down the stairs and saw Taylor swift "hi" I say "hello" she says. Why is she here? I walked into the kitchen and ask my dad,"why is Taylor swift here?" I ask "she's here because I'm working in her company and come with me" he says. We walk into the garage and I see nothing "tadda"he say with his hands out "what? I don't see anything?" I say "he gives me car keys and say,"this is yours now" "OMG!! Can't believe it thank you!...but why?!" I ask "don't you know?" He says "no." I say "oh youll find out when you get to school " he says I walk in the living room and see Taylor sitting on the couch alone so I went by her and say down "hello Taylor how are you doing" I say "fine thank you! I'm just waiting for your dad so we could go to London for the 2 weeks" she says "my dad will be gone for 2 weeks? All the way in London? Maybe that's why he gave me the car!! But... The nanny usually drives for me? Ehh oh we'll" I say "haha yes we're leaving that long for the the tour in London"she says and I nods then check the time 7:30 "oh I better get going to school! Bye! Good luck in the tour" I say "thank you! Have a good one!" She says and I walk to the car and drive off to school.

I park and sit in the car thinking why my dad gave this to me and I felt like I forgot something....wait isn't Ethan at my house!! Oh snap I gotta go grab him! I was about to turn the car on but I see Ethan by my window and I jumped because he came out of no where. I open the door and it was windy I closed the door and look at him smiling "I thought I left you! How are you here?" I ask "cool ride" he says... What happened to him? He usually talks to me a lot and all that stuff but.. Cool car? What the freak?! "Yeah my dad gave it to me" I say and he is still smiling "what's wrong? Your so.. Quiet" I say "come here!" He says and brings me inside and I see the whole entire school holding a banner and saying,"happy 17th birthday!!" "Oh my gosh!! I for got it was my birthday! Thank you!" I say surprised "haha there's more" Ethan says and Dani and Louis come by and gives me a hug "happy birthday! Your 17 now! Getting older like me" Louis said "haha thanks" I say "happy 17th birthday!" Dani says and Hands me a a bracelet that has 17 on it "wow another bracelet that looks just like the one that says 16 when you gave it to me on my 16th birthday" I say not surprised "yeah an there's more!" She says giving me 2 boxes and a big bag "wow! I'm 17! You don't have to give me all of this" I say "oh no those are from Ethan and Louis too not just me" she says and I Hug her, then Louis, then Ethan "thanks guys" I say and the bell rings as I carry all of these with me "here, I'll help you" Ethan say carrying the 2 boxes "thank you" I say and walk to class

Dani's POV
The bell rang and me and Louis ran to his car that he hardly used and we got in driving to Rosie's house. The plan was for Ethan and Rosie to hang out while me and Louis set up a party in her house with her nanny but we didn't have time to invite people and Rosie's dad would be mad if we had a party in the house. We stopped by the gate and used a speaker for the nanny to open the gate and as soon as she did, we drove in the back so it wouldn't be obvious that we were setting a party. We walked it and started to put banners up and had 5 horror and adventure movies and we set up the snacks and everything.

Rosie's POV
The bell rang and I saw Ethan "hi Ethan" I say "hey" he says "do you want to head back home" I say "uhh.. We should go some where first like...the park?" He says "haha ok" I say and we get in the car "I should drive, it's your birthday you don't need to do anything" he says and gets in the car and we drive off to the park ** we reach the park and we sit on the bench by the pavilion "remember this bench?" I say "yeah. Haha where we first met" he say "and..." I say holding back my tears "it's ok" he says an hugs me and I let go "Ethan your the bestest friend I have ever had!" I say "you always cared for me and was always there for me when I needed help, we were only friends for a year and I trust you more than anyone else" I say and put my head on his shoulder with my knees against my chest "thank you. The only reason I'm like this is because believe it it not your the first person that I was close to and liked a lot for a year with out going out with you instantly" he says "you... Like me?" I say nervously "uhh.. I've always liked you," he says " you too" I say looking into his eyes and leaning in and kiss him with sparks flying all over my body because this is my first kiss besides harry when we were dared to do that we let go "so are we together now?" I ask "I guess so" he says holding my hand

Louis POV
We were done setting every thing up so I called Ethan "hello?" "We're done you can come now" "ok see you then" "bye" "bye" and hang up "there on there way" I say "I want to see her when she opens her other 5 boxes of presents" the nanny says "woah! More? From who?" I ask "her mom sent 2 and her dad gave 2 and I gave 1" she said "wow" I say "we should turn the lights off so when she comes she would be surprised" dani says "good idea!" I say

Ethan's POV
I'm finally with her! Yess! We held hands to the car and get inside an drive off to her house. When we get there, I grab all of her presents for her as she opens the door and it was dark. She steps in and the lights turn on and "surprise!!" Every one yells

Rosie's POV
I was scared that it was dark because it was never dark when I come home "surprise!" Louis, dani, and the nanny yells "wow!! Thank you guys!" I yell surprised I walk inside and set my bag Dow beside the couch "happy 17 th birthday" the nanny said giving me 5 big boxes of presents "more?!" I ask "from your mom, dad and-" please be harry please be harry!"me" she says smiling and my heart dropped "you should open those" Louis says "haha not before we watch a movie!" I say and jump on the couch while everyone sits by my in order to Louis,me, Ethan, and dani we decided to watch the last excorsist. During the movie I jumped and hid my five in Ethan's chest as he laughs. I scream and hug Ethan tightly then the movie got boring and me and dani started louis started throwing food at eachoter laughing then we ran out of food and I began to fall asleep but dani screams and my eyes shot wide open. The movie ended and I looked every where it was a mess. Louis was in his phone and he screamed "OMG xfactor is visiting over here!!" "Really that's cool. So you want to... Enter?" I ask "of course I do who wouldn't?!" He says "you should open your gifts" Ethan says "ok I will... Later" I say grabbing Louis's phone and running upstairs reading the information about the xfactor "give it back!!" Louis yells "I'm still reading!" I yell and run into my room into my closet into the secret room and locking it. I sit on the mini couch reading it 'boom''boom'. "Give it back!" Louis yells pounding the door and it became silent 'click click click' I hear and the door opens and Louis attacks me on the matress as I laugh and finally gets his phone and walks out "so this is how your secret room looks like" Ethan says walking around "yeah" I say and grab is Hand and walk down stairs and sit on the couch looking at him about to kiss "get a room!" Dani yells and we laugh "I'm going tomorrow" Louis says "tomorrow? What about school?" I ask "we'll I can't just let it pass while I have a chance" Louis says Dani's Phone beeped "oh we need to go now Lou, it's 9:00" dani says "aww ok bye guys! Bye Louis! See you on tv!! Haha good luck on your preformance!" I say "bye!! Thank you! Ill text you every day so you would know what's happening!" Louis says as I hug him "bye Lou, see you... Next time?" Ethan says and bro hugs hims and he leaves. I walk up to my room and turn on the tv to watch spongebob I lay my head on Ethan's lap and fell asleep.
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