Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


10. Planning

Today was Friday and we had all of our classes today and it was Dani's birthday today but I told her that is was march 13 so she wouldn't know that today is march 14, her birth day. The bel rang and me and Louis ran to eachother about planning for the party at my house. We invited a lot of people that we knew "ok so the party is in my back yard ok?" I say "noooo! It should be in your house!" Louis whines "but I have a lot of valuable things in there! They might distroy it l! Besides my dad won't let me have a party in the room so... Yeah" I say "ehhh we should have it at the pavilion by the park" Louis says "... Ok then lets start giving out invitations then preparing for the party ** dani finds us and comes up to us "can I help?"sha asks "no thank you we already have enough people to help us" I say "but pleeeeaaasse!" She say "sorry dani, just come at 6 tonight at the pavilion by the-" he gets cut off "ugh I know where the pavilion is already! That's the only pavillion we have here!" Dani says "sorry we just... Want you to see how we'll we did on the decorations and..." I say trying to think and waiting for Louis to cover up for me but he didn't he just stood there. I guess I was used to some one like harry to finish up my sentences. "And....?" She asks waiting for us "uhm..." I say "wait! I know why your acting like this!! Your hiding something! I think I know what it is," she says "what?" Louis says "you guys are doing this For me!!" She says "no we aren't!!" I say "then prove it!" She yells "me and Rosie ate going out! That's why we're doing this... To celebrate!" Louis says wow louis cool answer (sarcasm) "really?! OMG I didn't know that!" Dani days jumping up and down. Then I saw my dads car "got to go, see 6? " I say "yeah see you there love birds!" She says wow how embarassing "c'mon lou" I say unt he comes in. When we drive off I say "what kind if answer is that?!" "I couldn't think of anything!! Ok. I least I said something so she wouldn't think that it was her birthday party" he says "ugh now she will think that we're going out!" I whine "what?! You guys ate going out?!" My dad yells "we'll fake going out" I say "why what happend?" My dad asks "we'll some one said that were dating because we're planning a surprise party for Danielle and our cover up is that we're going out and wre celebrateing it" I say "oh ok thought you guys were actually going out" my dad says "why what's wrong about me going out with anybody?" I ask "I just thought you were lying about being friends and all but... You can't date till your 17!" My dad says "ok I say" we get home and we collect our stuff and Louis drives us to the pavillion and we start decorating

Harry's POV
"Why are we checking in on a plane?" I ask Hannah "were going to a party in Doncaster, my friend invited us to come because its going to be someone's birth day or something" she says "but my-" I get cut off "your mom thinks your at my house studying besides we will be home by 9, I have a jet air plain that brings us there in 10 mins" she says "ok " I say

Rosie's POV
Ok we just finished doing every thing and we were getting dressed for the party in the bathroom. When we were done we turned in the music and waited for people to come. The next few mins there was 30 people in the room already and we just sat there waiting until we saw dani "oh my gosh ! It is for me! Thank you guys! This is very awesome!!" She says hugging us "happy birth say!!" We both say "let's go dance!" She says pulling us all in. She ws dancing like crazy with Louis as I stood there for the next hour until I got bored and it was dark outside "I'll go over there , it's too hot here." I yell over the music. I got out of the crowd of people dancing and I saw Hannah? What is she doing here? Was she invited? I saw her talking to a maylene,(a popular cheerleader) I walked over to the bench and trip over a rock falling into someone's arms. I look up to see who it was and it was... Harry?!
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