Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


12. One year later

I woke up and it was 7:30am I shuffled my feet down the stairs "good morning sunshine" the nanny said. I still didn't know her name, I was out a lot with my friends so I didn't really bonded with her. "Morning" I say with tiredness in my voice. I opened the fridge and saw a box of donuts "ooh did you make this" I say grabbing the donuts out "oh no your friend Ethan stopped by when you were sleeping so he dropped It off for you" she says "okay. So what's today?" I ask "Monday" she says "oh my gosh imma be late for school!" I say running up the stairs and going into my closet searching for what to wear. I choose to wear a black thin long sleeved shirt and dark skinny jeans and beige fluffy boots and a black beeny since it was icey outside. I hope the ice melts soon. I put on my watch, my bracelet that Ethan, dani, and Louis gave me and slid them on my arm. I threw my bag over my shoulder and ran down stairs and checked the time it was 7:45 "lets go!" I say to the nanny and we get in the car drive off and i brushed my hair there on the way.

I open the door and step out side and it was freeeeezing cold. I closed the door and walked to the bench where all of us hung out at. "Hi Rosie! Did you see the donuts I made for you in the morning!" Ethan says "y-yeah I-I d-did and I-It l-looked delicious t-to eat b-but I-I was almost l-late for sc-chool so I d-didn't have a c-chance t-to eat I-it" I say shivering "aww your cold" louis says "it's because your using a thin sleeved shirt!" Dani yells "I was r-rushing o-ok?!" I yell still shivering "I think we needs a warm hug"Ethan says. Then Louis, dani, and Ethan hugged me until I got warm then they let go and I screamed because I got cold again "I think I should hug you to keep you warm" Ethan says and I blushed because ever since I met Ethan I had a crush on him ever since because he was such a nice person and very attractive to me "I'm still cold!" I yell "here" Ethan says and huggs me "we should he inside, I think it's getting worse out here because I'm getting cold" Louis says "yeah we should, isn't there warm aircon in the building?" Dani asks "yeah and we could hang out in the cafeteria, because there is no place to hang out in there except the cafeteria" Louis says. I felt warm and had butterfies in my stomach because Ethan was still hugging me when we were walking inside into the cafeteria he lets go of me when we sit down "want coco" he asks "yeah" I say he gives me a cup and it was good "so creamy!" I say "it's homemade" Ethan says "how did you make it?" I say "it a secret!" Ethan says after I drank it some boy pushed Ethan to the ground and he groans "what the hell man!" I yell and I hit him but he tries to him me but I kick I'm to the ground and grab Ethan and run off **

The bell rang and I got out of the principles office carelessly because I always had to deal with fights "fight!" Some one yells and there was a crowd of people beating some one up "hi Rosie you didn't need to do that" Ethan says "sorry it's a habit" I say I watch the people beat the boy up and it reminded me of my old school and most of all harry. A tear slid through my face and I started to cry about it then Ethan hugged me knowing why I was crying because I had told him about this before "it's ok" Ethan says rubbing my back then he got a phone call "sorry I need to take this" he says ad walks off then dani and Louis come by "can't believe you went all off on him" dani says "yeah he is the most toughest one here, he bullies everyone and no one ever got all off on him like that.... It was pretty cool that my friend actually fought a tough kid" Louis says "haha"I smile "your considered the toughest one here now.. Your. Popular!" Dani says "why did you get so mad? He just pushed Ethan to the ground" Louis says "I know why" dani smirks then louis smiles "what?" I ask "it's because you like Ethan!" Dani yells "shush up! Every one will hear!" I say Louis laughs "you like him!" Louis yells and I blush "yeah I liked him ever since we basically met" I say shyly "hey Rosie I'm back" Ethan says "hey Ethan!" I smile and I hear louis and dani laugh from behind "shuddup!!" I whisper/yell "it's good to see your smile again, do you still need that hug?" He asks "yeah it's still cold out here!" I say "haha ok" he says and hugs me "ooooh" dani and Louis yells as I made eye contact with them to shut up but they kept on laughing. He let go "what are you doing after this?" He asks "go home" I say "oh." He says "why? How about you?" I ask "we'll my Parentss aren't home till next week and I don't have the keys to the car and house because my parents took it with them so I'm basically stuck" he says "maybe you could stay at my house for the week or Louise's since he's a boy.. You know" I say "can't have people stay at my house for a week. I have too much siblings." Louis lies because I knew his parents would let him even though it was a school night and he takes friends over even though he had a lot o siblings but he was acting like this so we could be together. "Ok so can I stay at your house?" He asks "sure you can stay in one of my guest rooms... I have 5 of them" I say "oh thank you!!" He says and hugs me "don't you need clothes?" I ask "oh yeah I forgot" he says "oh yeah! I dried my clothes in the dryer this morning!! I could use thoes and I have a luggage in there too when I had no other place to put it I left it in the garage! Perfect!" He says "you have the key to your garage?" I ask "my garage is open" he says "aren't you scared that some one with steal stuff in your garage?" I ask "no I have a gate in front of my house" he says "oh really? Me too and I have a big back yard that has a pool and it is soo big that it could fit 5 baseball fields" I say "haha yeah I know ive been there! Can you wait in front of my house while I go get my stuff before we get to your house?" He asks "Yeah" I say "just remember we're coming too!" Dani says "haha yeah I know!" I say "they come to your house too?" Ethan asks "yeah every Mondays and Fridays because the have no ride home till 8:30 on those days" I say "cool we could all be together!" Ethan says "haha" I say and see the car coming "the cars here!" I yell and we all get in me and Ethan in the back while dani and Louis are in the front

Dani's POV
I can't believe that they like each other! Only me and Louis knew that Ethan likes her and she likes him back. That's why we just kept on laughing. "What's today?" I ask louis "August 31" he says oh snap! It's Mary roses birth day tommorow! I totally forgot! Me and Louis should plan something big

Ethan's POV
Her hand was next to me and I was so nervous I wanted to just grab it but Louis told me that she's not aloud to go out until she was 17 and tomorrow is her birth day and I'm going to surprise her on that day
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