Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


38. moving

Darcy's POV I don't want to move again! I miss my old fwens when we still lived in amewica! I want to see gramma. Mum and uncle etan are looking in the boxes taking the stuff out. And I'm sitting in my new room on my bed playing with a can, I touched the place where you open it and it cut my finger! It hurts!! I started to cry and mummy came in "what happened? Darcy, I told you now to play with these sharp things, now wait here" she says and leaves, I grabbed the can and threw it at the door but mummy came in, "Darcy, what did I say about throwing things?" She says and I frown and she puts a small bandaid on my finger where the cut was "go play out side, meet new friends" she says and I look out side, I see three girls and a boy "but I don't know dem" I say and she smiles "I bet you they are nice" mum says and I get off of the bed and walk outside, I go by the kids that were taller than me and waved "hi" I say "who are you?!" A girl with bright yellow hair said "yeah" A familiar voice says and I look behind me, Calin!! "Hi calin" I smile "calin you know this girl?" A girl with darker skin said."uh.. No, I don't know who she is" calin says "but-" I say and the girl with light yellow hair says "you heard him, he doesn't know you" and I run back to my house crying and go on the couch once mum and uncle put it down "hey!" Uncle says and then they realized that Im crying "what's wrong?" Mum asks and I ignore her "cmon Darcy, tell me and I'll help you" she says "I hit my hand on the rock wall out side" I lie "oh, maybe you should just be careful next time, okay" she says and I nod "I hate you calin" I scream out The door "hey, don't say that, were new here. What did calin do?" Mum asks and I cry "he said he doesn't know me!" I say and start to cry "so you lied to me?" Mum says and I nod "that's it, go to your room, me and uncle put you pain in there already" she says and I go to my room Rosies POV Darcy making it hard for me and Ethan to unpack everything "Rosie, your phone is ringing" Ethan says and I grab my phone, unknown caller? I answer it "hello?" I ask "please forgive me, I'm sorry for leaving you" harry says and I out side "you left, with out saying good bye" I say "please, I'll make it up just meet me at Louis house" he says "I don't even know where he lives and besides, aren't you supposed to be on tour?" I ask "you didn't see?" He ask "see what?" I ask "one direction is over, we have our own lives now, but were all still great friends" he says, "aww. Where does Louis live?" I ask Ethan's POV Rosie was taking forever so I just decided to go ahead of her and unpack stuff by my self "Ethan can you stay here and watch Darcy, I'm have to run some errands" Rosie says "errands already? Okay then" I say and she leaves Rosies POV I realized that Louis lives next to me! I walked past the kids and to Louis house, I ring the door bell and calin answers, "calin?" I ask "oh hi Rosie, come in" Louis says and I come in, "calin, go to your room" Eleanor says "so is harry here?" I ask "he's in there" Eleanor says pointing to a door, I open it and it happens to be another living room? "Harry?" I ask and he pulls be up into a bear hug. I quickly get off of him "what's wring with you?" I ask and he frowns, "you used to love those" he says "well, everyone grows up" I say "oh, sorry" he says "can you just tell me why I'm here?" I say " i know you'll love this" he says and kisses me with a lot of love and it came really intense then he started to lift my shirt a bit while I started to unbotton his shirt then, you'll have to guess what happens * I still love harry, I walked back home and opened the door "hey Ethan" I say and he smiles while holding his luggage, "you haven't finish packing your stuff yet?" I ask "I figured that you and harry will get back togawther, and I don't want to be in the way so Im catching a plane to Hawaii, I've always wanted to go there" he says and I smile "how did you know were back together?" I ask "because you sent out side to talk on the phone, then you go out to get some errands after, and don't come back till 6pm" Ethan says and I smile and hug him "I'm going to miss you" I say "mee too" he replies and walks to the door "my flight is tonight, I need to head to the airport now" he says and I was about to call Darcy but Ethan cuts me off "she's sleeping already, but its okay, I've already told her" he says and I smile and hug him again "bye" I say and he walks out of the door and I sit on the couch. And get a phone call, I answer it "hello?" I ask "where do you live?" Hurry asks and I smile to the left " I say and then a second later I hear the door bell I open the door and see harry with his cheeky smile still on the phone, I hang up and kiss him "that was fast, I think you have already forgiven me" he says and I nudge him "its your fault l, you kissed me that's why" I say "but you kissed back, then had-" I cut him off "shhh, there's a child sleeping a couple doors away" I say and he laughs "can I see her?" He says and I nod and lead him to her room, she was sleeping so peacefully on her tiny bed "she's as beautiful as you" he says and I smile, and we go to my room where there is a bed that is a little bigger than a twin sized bed "I'm kinda tired" harry says and pretends toget knocked it on my bed "harry!" I say a push him, but he was actually sleeping, I put the comforter over him and decide to shower, after I was done, I changed into my pajamas and got into bed, I realized that Garry was in his boxers only. I layer next to hom , I was pretty cold, I faced my back towards him and shivered. I felt arms grab me and bring me closer to Harry's warm body "I'll keep you warm" harry whispers in my ear and we fall asleep. -morning- Darcy screamed in my ears and I get up "what happened?" I ask, it was 6:00 in the morning "who's dat?" Darcy says pointing to a sleeping harry "its... I'll tell you later okay, now get to bed, you have 45 minuets left of bedtime" I say and she nods, ill have to tell her that harry is her father sooner or later, I fell back asleep in Harry's arms * I woke up to my alarm clock, 6:45 time to get ready for Darcy's second day of school "can you turn that off?!" Harry says in his morning voice and I quickly tuned it off and ready to get up and wake Darcy up. Harry's strong arms pulled me to his cold body "now I'm cold, make me warm" he sayse and I hug him the kiss him "there you go, now I need to get up" I say and try to escape Harry's arms "no, stay here, with me" he says and I roll my eyes "harry, I need to wake Darcy up, she needs to get ready for school and know that you are her father" I say and finally escape his arms, I go to Darcy's room and see her sleeping "Darcy, it's time to wake up for school" I say pushing her a little and she opensbher eyes "no, calin said that he doesn't know me!" She says and pulls the blanket over her head "calin? Are you talking about Louis and Elle's son?" Harry says behind me and darcys eyes came big and got up "mum, whoa that?" She asks "I'll tell you when you get ready okay" I say and closed the door so she can change, I sat on the couch waiting for her while Harry lookedn into the fridge, "you have nothing to heat" harry says "what do you think? We just moved in" I say I grab Darcy's stuff out of the fridge for lunch and I grabbed her bag. She came out of her room with a floural dress and a bow in her hair. "Now can you tell me?" She says and I take a deep breath "Darcy, he is you father" I say "I thought you and daddy were mad at each other?" She asks and I smile "well, I forgave daddy and were together now!" I say and darcy smiles "more like forgave me because we had-" I cut him off "again, harry there is a child listening!" I yell and he closes his mouth, Darcy goes up to Harry and hugs him. Awe how cute is that
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