Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


28. moved on


finally updating ☺



 today was dreadful, like always harry left on tour and Im still in collage with dani.

ethan is ignoring me these days ever since the convention,

one direction seems pretty good, still together singing having fun

i barely talked to harry or shall i say, 'texted harry, i kept on telling him that im sorry ask him questions but all he answers is yes or no, which is not really helping me,

 me and danielle are walking around passing by expensive stores

"oooh i want this to be my dress when i get married" dani says pointing to a blue wedding dress displayed in the front of the store, i checked the price $10,000,000 "hooo! no way its so expensive, just make your own one" i say "err.. im not a disigner, your better at disigning, you can make it for me" dani says  and we walk into starbucks which reminded me of eleanor.

"why didnt niall bring you on tour just like how eleanor got to go with louis?" i ask "he did but i told him i couldnt leave you alone working in collage while i was having fun, besides im not letting you go out here by yourself anymore, i need to protect my young cousin" dani says and i laugh "you shouldeve left, im sure i would be fine" i say "i was thinking of bringing you if i go but you told me about what happened with you and harry... did he forgive you yet?" she asks "i dont know, he's barely talking to me" i say and i little girl ran up to dani "oh my gosh! your niall's girlfriend! cani i have a autograph?!" she yells in excitment "sure, whats your name?" dani asks "hannah" she says "ok"dani says and signs her notebook "hey, arent you the one that broke harrys heart?! you are so mean, you make harry sad when he preforms, he comes very serious now, harry doesnt deserve you" she says "harry is, sad?" i ask "yes, dont you watch their preformaances on youtube? its like you have been living under a rock" she says with attitude "well miss know it all, i dont waste my time searching things like that when you have alot of homework to do" i say "yes you do" dani laughs in my ear "whatever, heart breaker"the little says and i roll my eyes as she walks away

 "you should call him while i get the drinks"dani says "no, hes not going to answer" i say "if you dont call then you get no drink"dani says and grabs my phone to my contacts and pressed harry and put the phone by my ear as it rang i got nervous what sould i say? dani already left into the line "hello" louis picked up "hey lou, i talk to harry" i say as i hear all of them moving around "see harry! tell her " "no" i hear and i hear alo of moving around "hello?" harry says "hi.. harry are you ever going to forgive me?" i ask "you what since you keep asking me that, i will im sorry for not believing you, but i..uh.. really miss you"he says and a tear rolls down my eyes im actally talking to him "i really miss you too, like i want us to get back together" i say "i.. uhm.. thnk its best that we shouldnt"he says with his deep voice "harry whos that?" a girl talks in the back "whos that?" i ask "its.. uh, sorry rosie i need to go bye!" he says and hangs up and tears just keeps on streaming down my face

 "what did he say?" dani says and gives me a drink and i just cried and we walked out walking back to our flat as i sobb loudly, atleast theres not that much people everywhere, but they were alredy using there halloween costumes, we get back in and i just started to cry loudly "whaat happened? what did he say?" dani says rubbing my back trying to comfort me "h-he m-mov-ved o-on" i say through sobs and dani hugs me "shh its ok" she says



i know this chapter sucked but ill try make the other one better and i know  i said that i was going to update in june/july but right now im doing this while researching on history so i just decided to update ☺ anyways comment/like/favorite if you love this storie, ♥ ill try update soon


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