Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


22. More to the mission

Harry's POV 

today is the day that me and Rosie are going to do the mission, I'm in his flat right now "oh Niall I need to go do some errands, meet me at Rosie and Dani's flat at 9 tonight ok" I tell him "ok see you then" he shouts out and I walk out, I knew Rosie would come to my flat at 8 so, when he gets there, they would be alone together, hah this would be good. I went into my flat and chilled out for a while since today we had nothing to attend to. I shall pick Rosie up again and bring her here so we can stay together. I watched tv for a while until it was time to pick Rosie up. I changed into a black shirt and beige pants with my favorite white converse and went out to pick her up 


rosies POV

classes were done and I walked out side of my building and the first thing I saw was harry, I walked over to him "you came to pick me up again" I say "yeah" he sas and we get into his car and he drives me to his flat, are got into his flat and we sat at the table as I pulled all of my collage stuff and started to work on my homework as harry watches me "what the heck is all of these stuff" he asks "it's easy you learn it in 12 grade" I say "but it's looks so confusing" he says looking at my notes "it's because you haven't finished school yet" I say "yeah and I'm glad I didn't, I hated school" he says "me too but I had to finish school, I had no choice" I say and write my essay of stuff 


nialls POV 

it was almost 9 and I got ready into a white shirt under my blue jacket and white pants. I headed out to their flat to meet harry at Dani's flat. I knocked on the door and saw dani open it "hello Niall" she says and brings me in "is harry here?" I ask "no why?" Dani asks "harry says to meet him here but I guess he hasn't come yet" I says and sit on the couch to wait for him. An hour past and he hasn't come yet  "I'm done with my homework, do you easy to do anything" dani asks "I'm hungry" I say "ok then where do you want to go" she says "lets go to McDonald's" I say and we leave 


harrys POV 

i wonder how it's going, "are you done yet" I say "not even close" she says "I told Niall to meet me at your place" I say "why?"        She asks "because dani would be there" I say "oh, because you wanted them to be together" I say "yup" harry says and I yawn "I'll finish this tomorrow" I say closing my book "isn't it due tommorow? " harry asks "no, it's due in two days" I say putting my bag on the ground and  look up at him as he looks at me "you should sleep over" he says "I can but your going to have to drop me off tomorrow morning" I say "deal" he says and kisses me.   

Nialls POV 

we get back from McDonalds and it was silent for a while, harry never arrived yet! "Harry never arrived yet!" I yell "it's because he wasn't ever planning to come, he just said that so we would be together" dani says "ohhh" I say "Rosie thinks were not together, I didn't tell her anything" she says "good, lets keep it this way" I say and kiss her. 


Rosies POV 

im soo tired "harry what do you think their doing right now?" I ask him "I don't know" he says "lets go somewhere tomorrow," I say "yeah, lets  go to the carnival, we will invite dani and Niall so when we go on a ride we will make them go together" hary says "good idea!" I say "you should stay here forever" harry says holding my hand "but I already promised that I would visit every day" I say   "Fine" harry says 



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