Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


21. mission accepted

I woke up on Harry's couch and saw him sleeping on the other side of me. It was 8:00 wait. Oh my gosh I have my first day of collage today! It starts at 9 thank god! I stood up and walked to his bathroom and washed my face and went by harry "wake up! I need you to drive me back to my flat to get ready!" I yell "mmm" harry says still sleeping "harry! Wake up!" I yell and push him "what?" He groans "drive me back to my flat!" I say "now?" He says "yeah!" I say "why now? Later" he says "but I need to get ready for collage!" I say and he gets up "today's the day?" He asks "yup" I say "fine ill get up" he says and stands up and stretches "c'mon!" I yell and he walks with me to the elevator and out the door and there was still a lot of paparazzi's every where    We get to his var an he drives me back to my flat.

I get out of the car and run up to my flat to get ready. I changed into a black shirt and jeans with flats And my hair into a pony tail. Harry walks In and sits on the couch "I thought you left?" I ask "no. I'm dropping you off for your first day of collage" he smiles and I blush. I check Dani's room and she wasn't there, maybe she left already. I grab harry Hand and bring him with me our of the building and into his car.

We get to the collage and It was big. Me and harry get out of the car and hug eachother "see you...maybe tonight?" Harry asks "haha ok see you then" I say an let go and he kisses me "bye" I say "bye" he says and walks to the car and Drives off.  I walk to the office to check things and make sure every thing was correct. I walked around and it was time to get to class. I walked into the class and there was canvasses  every where and I sat at a desk

Harry's POV

i got back to my flat and I got a call "hello?" I ask "hi harry! We have a interview at 10:00 so meet us at Liam's flat" Louis says "ok see you in a couple of seconds" I say and hang up. Liam's flat was almost next to mine it ws just 2 does away. I walked out of my flat and walked into Liam's one "hi Liam!" I yell as I walk in and I see every one "hi" every one says  "so what are we going to do?" I ask "I don't"Louis says "about what?" I ask "I don't know" zayn says. I sit on the couch and turned the tv on changing channels then I saw my face and I stayed on that channal "harry styles seen with a mysterious girl lastnight holding her hand, could this mysterious girl be, his girlfriend? Stay tuned after the break" the lady said on the tv I checked my twitter and it was every where then I saw what I posted last night 'hello every one!' What? Did some one hack into my twitter? I looked at my connections and there was so many mad haters, "are you ok harry, you look mad" Niall asks "I'm just scrolling through my twitter" I say "oh ok" Niall says. "The tour bus is here, we should head out now" Liam says and we get into the elevator, out of the building and there was screaming and crying girls every where as we got into our tour bus


Rosie's POV

classes were over and I was digging through my bag to grab my phone but it wasn't there, oh shoot! I forgot it at my flat when I was rushing! How can I call a cab to pick me up? I don't like to wave my hands for the cabs. I would look stupid if no one picked me up and I was still waving my hands. Aw what am I going to do , I walked around the campus and I saw a big crowed of girls screaming and the crowed came closer and closer and suddenly a pair of hands pulled me in and brought me into a car, I looked to see who it was and I saw harry "you came" I say "yeah I have a 30 min break for the concert so I sneaked out of the concert to pick you up" harry says "thank you! I could have been there for a while because I forgot my phone" I say and he drops me off "thank you" I say and head up to my flat and I saw dani  there "where were you" I ask "niall picked me up early" dani says "are you and niall going out?" I ask "no... I don't know " she says "you guys should, you look cute together" I say


I finished doing my homework and it was late, dani was sleeping already, I wasn't tired yet, I should visit harry as I promised him. I grabbed my coat and walked out of the building It was very cold, I walked to harrys building where his flat was, I don't know why he had to use his car to drop me off last night when I could have walked, I got to the top floor and knocked on his door as he answered "there you are" he say sand pulls me in "I was waiting for you" he says "sorry, I had too much homework for the first day" I say and he kisses me "have you told any one about this" ha asks "no, but I know who we should put together" I say "who?" he asks "dani and niall" I say "oh we should! I take niall and you take dani" harry says "mission accepted" I say

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