Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


11. Meeting

I looked at him for a while still in his arms "harry?" I say confused "uhm how do you know my name?" He asks "it's me, rosie" I say smiling "oh that's where you moved, here" harry says "oh my gosh harry! You know how long I've wanted you to be with me! I want rot move back, but I love it here. It's better" I say going to hug him but he pushes me "get off of me! Your the one that knocked me out! But luckily you got punched by Hannah and never came back!" He yells "what are you talking about?! What happened to you? What did Hannah do to you?" I say confused "oh don't act like you don't know any thing!" He says and runs off. What the heck just happend? What happened to harry? Did he get brained wash or something?! I run inside and run up to Hannah "what the hell did you do to him?!" I yell "oh my gosh! Is that you Rosie?! What a small world" she says sipping her juice "what did you do to him!" I yelled "just twisted things up when he came back to school" she says "what happend?!" I say " I don't know? Ask your mother she was there when the accedent happend" she says "what accedent?" I ask "like I said, I don't know" she said "ugh!!" I say and go out Side and sit on a bench and call mom "hello?" She says "mom?" I ask "hi honey what's the matter? Did some one hurt you? You sound sad" she says "yeah I just got yelled at from my old best friends," I say "do you want to come back?" She says "no. I just want to ask you something" I say "yes what is it?" She asks "what happened to harry?" I say "oh you found out?" My mom says nervously "yeah, they came here... For some reason and I talked to him but he says that I knoked him out or something, and I told Hannah what was wrong with him and she said that she changed stuff and the accedent or some thing" I say "oh yah he... Kinda... Uhmmmm.. Lost his memory" my mom says "oh my gosh that's why Hannah twisted his mind up!" I say "he doesn't remember a thing, after you left, it was foggy and he was depressed thinking about you walking and not realizing that there was a car and it just hit him" she says tears fell from my eyes and I began to cry "it's all my fault! I should've never left!! I'm sorry harry!" I say sobbing "it's not your fault honey" my mom says"I'm sorry I need to go I just don't feel like talking right now" I say "honey but-" was the last thing I heared until I hung up and just cried and cried on my sweater and jeans. A boy comes up to the bench and sits down and sniffles "what's wrong?" He asks "my best friend doesn't remember me anymore" I say sobbing "oh I'm sorry" he says "how about you?" I say "girlfriend cheating on me and not even giving me eye contat anymore" he says "I feel bad for you" I say "is he here?" He asks "yeah" I say "she's here too that's why I'm so sad" he says "what's your name by the way?" I ask "Ethan" he says "Rosie" I say "beautiful name" he say a"thanks" I blush "there's the smile, c'mon lets get crazy and dance to take our minds off about our problems" he says and grabs my hand to the dance floor

Harry's POV
I was watching the Rosie call her mom and mumble saying that it as her fault and she hung up the phone crying like crazy. I was going to tell her I was sorry for being so mean to her and comfort her for some reason but a boy went up to her and started talking about stuff but I couldn't her over the music then they both smile at each other and and he grabs her hand and walks her to the dance floor smiling... It makes me feel jealous for some reason "harry!" Hannah says sassy "lets dance she says pulling me on the wrist to the dance floor. She sounded drunk... It's a birth day party... Why is there beer, I think she brought it with her cuz I saw a beer in her hand yesterday. When we hit the dance floor she gets all over me as I try to back up but I bumped I to some one "Oww!" The person yells... Wait that yell sounds familiar! I turn around and see Rosie there with that boy dancing together "sorry" I say and walk out of the dance floor and Hannah starts grinding on some other person. I walk out and sit on a chair and trying to remember anything about Rosie because it felt so wrong to be with Hannah and so right to be with Rosie, like I liked her before

Rosie's POV
Can't believe that boy hit me! I started to get mad "don't get mad. Be happy" Ethan says to me. I think he's cute and a gentle men. I wish I could date! Grr. "How old are you Ethan?" I ask "25" he says "what?!" I say surprised "haha just kidding I'm a new student here, I'm 16" he says "haha so your in.... 11th grade?" I ask "yeah" he says "cool I could see you at school on Monday" I say "yeah! That would be awesome! How old are you?" He asks "15" I say "cool" he says "I'll introduce you to my other friends I have" I say "ok that's cool! Having friends at school already!" He says we kept on dancing and fianally I saw Dani and Louis coming over to me "who's that?" Louis asks "guys this is Ethan and Ethan this is dani and Louis, my BFF's! Oh and it sad is birth day today! Me and Louis set this up ourselfs" I say "hi nice to meet you" they all said to each other. ** the party was almost over and I sat down with Ethan telling him about my life and every thing as he told me his life. I really got to know him better he had a hard life.

Harry's POV
The party was almost over ad I couldn't think anything about Rosie. I went out Side to sit on the bench and wait for Hannah to calm down but Rosie and that boy was talking for a very long time. Grr this makes me mad for some reason! Why? I don't know! I think she's going out with him... Idk who cares! Why am I soo jealous! That's the question... Why
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