Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


31. have no idea

it was dark and I was alone with harry in his flat laying down "what do you want to do?" I don't know. we should go to a club"i say "yeah, and I can invite everyone" harry says while taking his phone out I texted dani

me: I said yes

dani: yay! we can have a double wedding

me: wait.. your engaged too!?

dani: yup


"lets go" harry says and I get into the car and drive off


we met every one there and told them the news "wow, did you guys just notice that the youngest ones in the band are engaged first?" liam says "hah, oh my gosh that's true" Eleanor says and we get inside, the music was so loud that the floor was vibrating, we sat down and drank a couple of shots and all I remember was dancing with harry



I woke up right next too harry, my head felt so dizzy I went to the bathroom and vomited, I stayed there for along time waiting for more vomit to come "you ok?" harry says giving me a glass of water as I gulped it down fast "hungover" i laugh "haha yup, you drank a lot last night, do you even remember anything?" he smirks "no" I say "well what happened was-" he got cut off from his phone "hello?" he asks "but I thought we were on our break?!" he yells "no"he says "but I have plans.....ok whatever" he says and hangs up "what happened?" I ask "they want us to do a Christmas single so we are leaving early" he says "aww" I say "oh and I need to go to a wedding today because one of by designer's are getting married.. wanna come?" she asks "no thank you, I thing they want only 'one direction' to come and not their girlfriends" I say "okay then, but what will you do?" he asks "iill have a girls day out with dani, perrie, Eleanor, and Danielle" I say "ok then" he says and starts to get ready I call up every one for today for our plans


they were all at the wedding any all of us were shopping for clothes and things "oh my gosh! all of 1D's girlfriends are here" this 15 year old says "can I have you auto graphs?" she asks "sure" we say


harrys POV

we arrived and there was a lot of fans outside, we went in and I saw my dad "dad?" I ask "oh hi son, Its my couins youngest step brothers wedding how about you?" he asks "my designer's wedding" I say and he nods "I want you to meet my other son, I brought him with me, hes your step brother" he says pointing at a boy reading a notebook I went up to him and he turend around, it was ethan.. dad must be talking about someone else "what are you doing here?!" I yell at him "im with my dad, what do you want?!" he says "I want you to get away from rosie" I say "well if you haven't hurt her, she wouldn't have fell for me in the first place" he says "I didn't hurt her!" I yell "well, when I heard rosie tell me what happened she really seemed hurt" he says and I raised my fist up about to hit him but Louis grabbed me "harry, calm down" he whispers to me "haha! you actually need some one to restrain you" ethan says and I get super pist that I grabbed him by his shirt and held him up as he looked shocked "harry! let him go!" dad says and I drop him "why?" I ask "he is your step brother" he says and I froze "wait, what?!" ethan says "you guys are step brothers, now act like real brothers around each other!" he says and we look at each other "apologize to each other!" dad yells "sorry for kissing your girlfriend" he says "sorry for almost hitting you" I say "noow talk too eachother" dad says wow, I feel like im 10 and got scolded for fighting with my brother


rosies POV

we started running to the car because fans are trying to catch us so we can get pictures/autographs and much more for them.

we got into the car "next stop?"  dani says "lets get a quick break at mcdonalds" perrie says and we head there and ordered and started eating quickly because we were so hungry, a couple minuets after I ran to the bathroom and vomited... why? I have no idea




sorry I took forever to update, I was busy but hope you liked this chapter, tell what you think about it ^_^

ill try to update soon

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by Dani horan <3

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