Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


19. good news

should I move in with him? would it be safe? Im old enough, I turned 18 a month ago...maybe it would be better? ethan wouldn't hurt me anymore.......maybe. I got out of the bed and went to the bath room to wash my face then I changed into a white high-low shirt and black high shorts and walked down stairs "theres my sleeping beauty! you slept for a while" harry says on the couch "good morning to you too" I say to harry and sit by him and Louis on the couch who is talking to his girlfriend on the phone "did you make your decision yet?" harry asks "no I still need more time" I say "well your going to have to make your decision by tonight because im leaving tomorrow morning for the tour" harry says "ok ill try" I say and grab the remote and turn the tv on "what are you guys talking about?" dani asks "I was afraid that ethan can come back and hurt me again so harry decided that I should move in with him to new York" I say "that's brilliant!! you can then meet Eleanor" Louis popped in "who's that?" I ask "that's Louis girlfriend" harry says "you guys can be best friends" Louis says "you should move in with him" dani says "yeah you should!" Louis says "ill think about it" I say my dad walks in "good news rosie!" my dad says "what?" I ask "I got you into one of the most highest collages in new York!  along with dani too!" my dad says and harry smirks "you got dani's mom to come with me to collage too" I ask "don't you know?" ha asks "what?" I ask "dani is your cousin from your moms side" my dad says and I look at dani "were cousins!!!" I scream and we jump around like crazy "when?" I ask "tomorrow" ha says "woooo!" I scream with dani "I guess that's a yes" harry says "you guys will share a flat together" my dad says tying his neck tie ready to go "thank you" me and dani says "your welcome. I gotta go off to London bye" he says "bye" I say and he walks out  "never mind" harry says "what do you mean?" I ask him "you don't need to move in with me anymore since your getting your own flat" harry says "but if I do I will be alone anyways< you'll always be gone to concerts and interviews and stuff" I say "but I wanted you to be with me every time I come home" he says "harry im sure we will be close, I can visit you every day" I say "promise?" harry says " I promise" I say

dani left to pack up and me and harry are in my room looking at things I should pack "you should bring all of these!" harry says putting all of the frames of me and him in the box "haha ok" I say  and fold my clothes putting them into my suitcase ** I finished my packing and it was almost 7pm "we should go out to eat" I say "good idea! I should tell the lads that" harry says and walks out. I grab my phone and call dani "hello?" she asks "were all thinking of going out tonight, do you want to come?" I ask  "yeah! ill be there in 5 mins" bye" she says and hangs up as I put my phone down looking around my room then seeing ethan by the window smirking as I stand up and run but run into someone but panic "are you ok rosie?" harry asks as I hug him crying on his shoulders "I saw him" I say "where?" he asks "in the window" I say still hugging him "shh its ok, he's not there any more" harry says as I let go and look at the widow seeing nothing "c'mon lets go down stairs" harry says and grabs my hand as we walk downstairs and sit on the couch waiting for everyone else to get ready.  as soon as dani arrived and every one came down stairs we headed out.

harrys pov

"so where are heading to?" I ask "nandos!!" niall yells "ok then, were off to nandos" I say and we drive off.** we get to nandos and sit at a table as a waitress comes and stares at me bitting her lip. I guess she was flirting with me? "have you decided what you're going to order?" she asks "ill get a peri peri chicken" zany says "me too" dani and niall says together  "along with me" I say "you know what? we'll all get peri peri chicken" liam says "yeah" Louis says "ok so 7 peri peri chickens?" the waitress asks "yes please" I say and she blushes and walks away "what was that for!?" Louis asks with his confused face "I think she likes you harry" zayn says "well I like someone else and I will keep it that way" I say and look at rosie and she blushes. shes so cute "so what are you guys thinking of being?" liam asks "I was thinking of being a art teacher but im more of being a artist or cartoonist" rosie says "yeah shes a good drawer!!" I say "lets see if she could beat me" zany says and rosie laughs "how about you dani?" niall asks "a petographer, a person who takes pictures of pets" she says "haha that will be cool" niall laughs. the food arrives "any drinks?" the waitress asks "coke" Louis says "we'll have one too" niall and dani says "ill take pepsi" I say "sprite please" rosie says "root beer" zayn and liam says "ok so 3 cokes, 1 pepsi, 1 sprite and 2 root beers?" the waitress says "yup" niall says and she leaves and we started to eat and talk a bit. then a 3 fans came and got a picture with  me and Louis and a lot of them gave stink eye to rosie and dani. I felt bad of rosie because a lot of them did it on her more than dani. rosie looked sad and hurt so I scooted by her and comforted her by hugging her "are you ok?" I ask "yeah im fine" she says

we got home and was tired so we went up to our rooms and showered then changed and got In bed. I turned the lights off "are you ready for tomorrow?" I whisper to rosie "yeah I am" she says and hugs me

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