Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


17. dont go

harry's POV

we were at the hospital waiting in the hall way and I saw rosies mom come inside worried. maybe her dad called her mom and she flew over here "where is she?" her mom asks "there still operating" I say facing the floor "do you remember?" she asks and sits by me "yeah... I do and I am sorry for being disrespectful to you lately, I thought you were bad" I say to her "its ok, as long ass you remember now, have you told your mom that you are here? maybe she can come and visit so you guys can hang out to take your mind off of this" she says "im ok, ill just wait here, she really means a lot to me" I say "me and dani are going to go out to get some food, any of you guys want to come?" niall asks and liam, zayn and Louis stand up "harry?" liam asks "im fine, you guys can go" I say still looking down at the floor and they walk out leaving me and rosie's mom together. we wait for a couple of hours and niall guys didn't come back yet but instead, the doctor came out of the room "theres no way we can heal her stab because she has been stabbed in a dangerous place so threre's a chance that she might not make it" the doctor says "can we see her?" rosies mom asks "yes you may" the doctor says and opens the door and I stand up holding back my tears "I cant see here like this" I say and walk out side as rosies mom  enters the room. I stood  there out side crying. she couldn't die! she's supposed to be with me! but who ever did this should die! I stand there cooling off and I see paparazzi every where as I walk back in, going into the room seeing her as I walk right next to her on my knees crying and I see nurses and doctors walking in "we are going  to try our best to do this operation" the doctor said I nod an walk out with rosies mom "lets go back to her house and wait then come back" rosies mom says and we leave


we reach there house and get inside and see every one laughing and playing around but they became quiet when they saw me. "sorry harry we got carried away" Louis says and I look at them and run up stairs into rosies room and sit on the couch looking every where making me sad that there was a lot of pictures of dani, Louis, and ethan every where but not me when I remembered her packing a whole box of pictures of me and her together. maybe she threw them away or some thing because this room is so organized that I know there was no pictures of me or her suddenly I see Louis by the door "what" I say "come here" he says and pulls my arm into the closet and just stands there "so?" I say going to walk out "wait!" Louis says pushing her clothes to the side and opening a secret door "ill leave you alone" he says and walks out as I walk into the room and see every thing. all of the pictures were on a shelf and there was a box filled with tapes and CDs with all of our songs we loved together and see our favorite saying, 'go one direction' so that's how I thought of or one direction. I started to cry looking at our pictures and how close we were before. I could tell she really missed me and how heart broken she was about this and I only remember now. I grabbed a tape and put it into the video player and pressed play then I saw the video that my mom took of me and roise when we were water fighting with balloons and then throwing flour at each other, we had fun memories together.


I walk down stairs ""you ready to go back?" rosies mom asks "yeah" I say and we go off to the hospital**we get there and I run off to the room and see the doctor "we did the best we could but we need to wait till she wakes up. if she doesn't by a month or so then she didn't make it" the doctor said and leaves. I run into the room watching her peacefully and wait for her and I will wait for her until she wakes up no matter what.

                                                                                              ***2 weeks later***

I was there still waiting for her beside her getting nervous every day because she needs to wake up by this week or she doesn't make it I look at her "wake up!!! rosie please wake up! you cant leave me alone with out you!" I yell shaking her I felt a arm pull me back "harry calm down she will wake up" louis says "guys I got a call saying that we need to come back on tour tomorrow" liam says "im staying here until she wakes up! I don't care if I miss the tour" I say  "harry you're going to have to come back" niall says giving me a sandwich "until she wakes up" I say taking a bite of the sandwich ** it was almost morning and she was still asleep. ill need to go back to America soon for the tour because our new manager paul is forcing me to "harry were leaving in 5 mins" zayn says and I look at her "wake up rosie" I say nervous I hug her for a very long time holding my hand "harry its time" paul says. I hold her hand crying "good bye rosie" I whisper in her ear and kiss her then let go of her hand about to walk away but I felt some one grab my hand "wait" she says and I look back and her eyes shot open

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