Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


35. communicate

5 years later •~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• Me and Danielle we finally done with collage, so me Ethan and Darcy decided to go to Holmes chapel for Darcy to start school. Dani and niall are still together so dani is taking another flight to Ireland to meet niall, We finally landed "Darcy, its time yo wake up" I say rubbing her back. Ethan stood up to grab the carry on "yay, now i get to go to school?" She asks "yeah" I say as she stands up and grabbs her little back pack ** We arrived at my moms house and knocked "coming" I hear my mom say while coming towards the door "oh my gosh! You came to visit" mom says hugging me "come in" she says as we walk in, it still looks the same. I looked at the pictures in the hallway. All the memories to when me and harry started highschool the first time and when we went to prom "mummy can I go to school now?" Darcy asks and I laugh "oh Darcy, you get to go to school later, OK?" I say and she nods "oh who's this, your secret boyfriend every one was talking about with your child?" Mom says "mom, I need to talk to you about this, this isn't Ethan's child, he's a good friend of mine, hes helping me take care of Darcy" I say "then whos the father of your child?" She asks "its harry, I lied to the paparazzi that it wasn't so they wouldn't bother him on tour" I say taking a seat on the couch "oh, I understand, so you and harry are secretly dating?" She asks "no, he doesn't know" I sigh "well he's going to have to find out, wether you like it or not, she needs her father" mom says "I know, I'll have to tell him" I say "OK, Darcy are you hungry? Do you want anything?" Mom asks Darcy as she hides behind my legs "its OK darcy, that's grandma, my mom she's nice" I say grabbing her. She slowly walks to mom and she takes her hand and they disappear into the kitchen and I sigh "you okay?" Ethan asks and I nod "I'm going to tell Anne before I tell harry" I say "ooh I wanna come and meet Harry's mum" Ethan says and I go into the kit hen, Darcy was busy helping mom cook eggs, we went out sneakily "what are you going to do?" Ethan says "Anne's house isn't that far, I practicly live by her" I say walking on the side walk as Ethan follows We got to Anne's house and I knock. Anne opens the door and smiles "oh my gosh, your so grown up already, come in" she says stepping aside for us. We walk in and it was still the same like moms house. She also had pictures of me and harry together, she had more than me, "so, how's you and harry, I heard the news , who's the father?" She asks " yeah, that's what we need to talk about, the father of my child is harry" I say and I hear a gasp from the kitchen. Gemma comes out and smiles "haha sorry, I haven't seen you in ages" she says and we hug "oh hi Ethan, how are you, you've gotten tall" she says and we laugh "so its harry, does he know?" She asks "that's the thing, he doesnt. I want to tell him but I can't, I won't see him" I say and Anna and gemma looks arlt each other "you will! Were setting a welcome back party for harry tomorrow because he is visiting!" Gemma says "oh really" I say... Ahhh! He's coming! Next day •||• I would up on my old bed in my old room some of my stuff are still here, I looked under the bed and sawy old journal. I opened it, wow memories i wrote every detail in here and I was crazy then punching random people in the face, I went down stairs and saw Ethan cioking , Darcy slept with mom today, how cute, I sat on the couch and Darcy came by me laying her head on my lap "how was grandmas room last night?" I ask "she has a big bed" Darcy says and Ethan sets a plate of wafgles and pancakes in fr not of us and we start digging in We changed and decided to go to the park for darcy, i held Darcy's hand and walked out. I saw gemma and Anne putting balloons on their mailbox, oh yeah Harry's coming back I wave at them and they wave back smiling. I buckled darcy in the back of my moms car and Ethan sat beside her while I go in the passengers seat When we got their Darcy ran to the swings and I went there to push her higher but Ethan grabs it first I got it" he says and i go and sit by mom on the bench, "harry is coming back today" I say "yeah, I heard" mom says and Ethan comes back "she found a friend" he says and I look over to her. She was talking to this boy about her age. They started coming"mum, do you like my new friend, his name is calin" she says pointing to him as he smiles, "wow, see your already making friends" I say and she smiles "where's your patents?" I ask "oh, I'm with Paul, he takes care of me when my parents are busy" he says and I look at the Paul dude, he looks so damn familiar like it at the tip of my toung. ** I washed up and changed into my pajamas "mummy, can I sleep with you?" She asks and I smile "of course" I say letting her on the bed. She fell asleep fast after that. I look out of the with Dow to Anne's house and see a lot of people Dancing and cheering but I never see harry, where is he? *morning* I finished my break feast and the door knocked, "mom, the door" I say and she was already at the door, I went up stairs to check on Ethan and darcy "what's uo?" I ask "uncle Ethan taught me how to play the piano!" She says playing twinkle little star "wow" I say "she learned it fast" Ethan says and I smile"of course, its because I'm pro at it" I say and we start laughing I wish, I went down stairs and saw mom and... Is that who I think k it is?! "Uhm, Rosie, don't you have something to tell harry?" Mom says and leaves me standing by the stairs "uh, ok!" I say and sit on the seat in front of him. We weren't making eye contact "uhmm.." I say trying g to say it but I couldn't "mummy" Darcy says sitting by me and Ethan comes in but stops "oh, I get it. Its my fault, I told Ethan to take care of you for me but you guys fell in love again and had this thing" harry says "dont you dare call her thing! Ethan is taking care of me, were just best friends now, he is not the child of Darcy, my child" I say "then who is?" He asks and I hold up my hand with the ring on it "I waited this long for you to come back and I still love you, the child is yours harry, it was always yours" I say
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