Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


29. christmas eve suprize


it was almost Christmas and every thing is still the same, harry was going out with taylor but they apparently broke up last week, right now im with Dani and we are waiting for the cab to arrive "oh my gosh!!.... yeah, ofcourse I will...... I cant wait!... see you then, bye" dani hung up on her phone that she was non-stop talking on "guess what?!" she screams "what?" I ask "their coming back! for a little 2 month vacation! I cant wait to see niall again" dani says "really?!" I say trying to be happy for her, i cant believe they are coming back, i get to see harry again. well i hope "i know youre not happy about it, so you dont need to act excited around me" dani says and i just sigh "i cant see him anymore, it will be akward" i say ""i know, but your coming with me to the christmas party they are throwing on christmas eve"dani says "no im not" i say "yes you are, im making you, it will be fun!" dani says "i you" i mutter quietly and the cab came


i ust finished doing my 500 word essay about global warming, i dont know why we even need to do this, but the i thought i need to buy presents "dani, im going out today, i need to buy some stuff for the party" i say "oh let me come"she says ahh! its worth trying to make an excuse, "eh, you cant im buying your presents while im out" i say "aww, ok" she says and i walk out


im almost done i just need to get harrys present, i walked every where but i couldnt find anything that would be cool for a picky famous person

 i got:

dani:a niall iphone case

louis: a zebra stuffed animal

liam:cool iphone case he wanted

zayn: professional hair gel

niall:a free meal ticket to every store at the mall

i checked the time, it was 12:00am, i better head home


 i got back and dani was sleeping i hid the presents under a pile of clothes, showered, and went strait to bed


i woke up and got ready for collage with dani "last day of collage! well we only have a break for 2 weeks" dani says "yes!" i say and check my phone december 24 2013, wait, its louis birthday and its christmas eve "its lous birthday"  say "i know did you call him yet?" dani aks "no" i say and call him as we walk out

*done with collage*

I caught a cab back home as dani caught a different one to see niall and the rest of the boys when they arrive.

I got back to the flat and looked into y room , it was a mess! and I haven't gotten harry a gift or even wrapped the presents, I really need to start before the party


dani came home when I finished cleaning my room "im home!" she yells cheerfully "I know" I respond trying to sound cheerfull like her "ahh! I saw niall hen he came off the plane and he looks so buff and eeek! hot like always, and they canceled the party because liam, zany, and Louis wanted to spend time with their girlfriends" dani says "that's ok, I need time to wrap the presents anyway, but speaking of presents hat should I get for harry?" I ask "well, I don't know?! you knew him longer, I just gave him a kitten that my friend from collage gave me" she says then I felt a furry thing rub against my leg and lick my toes "what the heck" I jump and dani laughs "niall bought my this cute dog from japan!"  "aww, so cute" I say and I walk to my room as dani turns on the stereo and plays one direction and starts jumping on the couches with her new puppy, I close my door and start to wrap the presents until I got a phone call... harry

dani's  POV

niall texted my right when one way or another came on "hello" I pick up "hi dani! haha do I hear our new single?" niall says and I laugh "yuup," I say "you should come over!" niall whines "why" I say "because everyone is 'too busy' with their girlfriends right now" he says "how about harry?" I ask "he said he needed to do some thing 'personal' tonight" he says "ok, but  you should come over, I don't want to walk all the way to your flat" I say "ok! see you in a couple of minuets" niall says "bye" I say and hang up

rosies POV

harry just called for me to come over to his flat... what am I going to wear?! oh my gosh im so nervous to see him, I haven't spoked to him in months!  I changed into a regular shirt and jeans and wlked out of the room into the living room "hi rosie! I haven't seen you in forever!" niall says "I haven seen you in forver too! except  on magazines" ii say and we hug for a very long time "hey, hes mine!" dani says and grabs him and I laugh "ok, I need to go now, see you later" I say  "where?" dani asks "im going to see an old friend" I say "are you going out with ethan again!" dani says " eww no, im just going to see a different friend" I say  "you better" dani says and I walk out of the building

I didn't want to tell dani or she wouldnt let me go because of what happened with that phone call months ago, I just kept on walking and pancaking of what he was going to say to me when I get there,

Im sure that he wants to break up our friendship and every thing with me, I just know.

 I walked  and thought about every thing, our past and when I beat those people up and  helped harry  when we met ,

tears streamed down my face as I thought of memories, I finally reached harrys flat and wiped my tears, took a deep breath and knocked on the door as he opened it in seconds "hi, uhm.. come in" harry says as nervous as me I looked at his flat and it brought back memories, I sat on the couch slowly, the couch where we shared our first kiss but harry sat at an opposite one,

there was a long silence

 "im sorry" I say breaking the silence "for what?" he asks "for letting him get to me and for everything ive done wrong" I say "its not your fault" he says "then why did you bring me here to break everything up?" I ask "ha, I didn't bring you here to break up, your my best friend since 7th grade and foreverly will be" he says "you moved on" I say "I-I cant get you out of my head, you are my everything, I was just mad, you meant so much to me that one thing you did was just heart breaking to me she didn't steal my heart like what you did, she was a different story to me, so we split up, it was very hard to let you go on that phone call " he says with tears in his eyes "well you meant a lot to me ever since we met" I say "you are my light when its dark, my shade when its too bright , my promises combind and my one and only one, to make this all up for you, I need you to agree" he says and I nod and he goes on one knee " will you marry me?"


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