Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


7. Best place ever

Harry's POV
I dragged my self thinking about her through the rain getting soaked it became foggy for me to see where I was going but I didn't care I just went where ever I dragged myself I could only think was her and that was it beep I heared and looked up and saw a light that hit me.
Rosies POV
I can't believe I left! How stupid am I! Should I tell the driver to turn around? No. I can't go back that school hurt me more than anything in the world. I'm sorry harry I just can't go back. I look at the window as rain drops slid down the glass. I write good bye on the fog that formed, the car stopped and I slowly walked out as I wait for the driver to take my luggage out of the trunk. I grab my umbrella and put it over my head as I open the handle and drag my luggage along with me to the check in *after plane ride* I walk out of the airport and see my dad "dad!!" I say an hug him "there you are!! You've grown so much over these past years" my dad says. "Really? Thought I looked the same, still short " I say " no you're not, your tall and is that tear stains?" He asks oh-no! I forgot that I was crying on the plane "uh no" i say "haha ok lets get going its almost dark" he says "woah cool car" i say pointing at the shinny black BMW *skip car ride* we get to the house and it was big!! "Welcome home" he says "wow" I say my dad opens the door and I walk in and it was so big and pretty "your room is upstairs"he said walking upstairs putting my luggage into a big room that has a couch, flat screen tv, queen size bed and a walk in closet with a big bath room that has a shower and a bath tub "this is all yours" my dad says "oh my gosh!! Thank you dad!!" I yell hugging him. He leaves and I unpack every thing. Once I had a frame left I realized that it was the photo of me and harry, a tear rolls down my cheeks as I lay it on my drawer 'knock knock' "Rosie I have to go to a business meeting in 5 min so stay here and don't go any where unless you call me" he says I wipe my tears and say "ok see you in the morning?" I say " yup see you later. Oh and if you get bored there is a box of electronics under you bed." He says and drives off I grab the box and there was a ton of consoles and cool games I decided to play it next time since it was my first day of school tomorrow. I shower and get to bed... This is the best place ever!
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