Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


18. back on track

Harry's POV

I looked back and her eyes were open still looking at my holding my hand I run up to her and hug her tightly "you woke up!" I yelled "ow! Your hurting my stab!!" She screams I let go "I'm sorry" I say "who did this to you?" I ask and she looks up on the Ceiling thinking "I don't really.....oh yeah I know! It was Ethan! He locked me in my room and stabbed me then came out through the window" she says "so it was yhat cheater!" I say getting mad "yeah it was" she says "ill call the doctors stay here" I say coming out of the room seeing every one there sitting quietly "you guys can come in!" I say "how is she ? Ill see her for my last time then I need to go catch my plane at 8:00 am today" Rosie's mom says "where's every one? It's just you and zayn and Paul" I ask "there packing at the house" Rosie's mom says "we'll yeah go inside! She has awaken!" I say and Rosie's mom runs in. I call the doctor and they said she needs to get a check up then she can go. "Harry remember we were supposed to leave 15 minuets ago!" Paul yells "I know! Can't you wait or postpone the concert" I say "harry the concerts starts in 3 days I just wanted you guys to be in America for the days but I guess we can wait" Paul says ** after the check up Rosie was good to go. We got into the car and drove off. And I was happy she woke up! I waited all this long for her and it was a miracle it happened before I left. We got our of the car and I opened the front door for Rosie and every one jumped up and hugged her "guys! Your hurting me!" Rosie yells and every one lets go. And starts talking to her as I sit on the couch watching her smile and feel happy. I missed that. This passed few times I saw her she was sad and mad and depressed all the time. She walks up to me and sits down "it's good to have you back again!" I say looking at her "no it's isn't! It's good to have you back!" She says laughing "I've waited 2 years for you to remember!" She says smiling "I'm sorry" I say and try to hug her but I remembered she still needed to heal and she looks at Louis "we still haven't played our video games !!" She yelled and was about to go upstairs again "wait!! I'm not letting you go up there alone any more! I'm coming with you" I say and walk up with her to her room and grab the video games and walk back down "there. Is.  So.  Much. Games!!" I yell digging through the boxes "haha yeah remember when we skipped school and played video games when your mom left and when she came back she thought we were kissing cuz you slipped on me" rosie says "haha yeah! That was funny! And then we lied saying we were playing a board game!" I say  as every one looks at us confused "it was a long story" I say to them  and they nod. And we play video games all day long until it was time to get to bed "that was an awesome day!" I say "yeah! It was!" Louis says patting my back walking up to his room "I'm sleeping over tonight!" I over hear dani say "cool! We could sleep in my pull out couch!" Rosie says "uhm... About that. Lately I had been with Niall and I was going to stay in.... His room tonight" she says "ok! That's cool! Ill just be alone then... Forever... In my room" Rosie says  I really wanted to tell her that I was going to stay with her but that would be too weird. I walk into my room and change into my blue pajama pants with out any shirt and layed on my bed into the comforter waiting and thinking until I was drifting off to sleep


rosies POV

it was cold and dark and all I could think of was Ethan braking into my room and killing me. I was so scared I didn't even want to look at the window. I heard a tapping noise coming through my window and I ran out of my room into the one across from mine and jumping into who Evers bed this is and getting into the warm comforter "Rosie?" I hear harry sit up turning on the lamp. Dang he was hot "uhh I heard something in my room so I ran in here because it was the closest door from my room I say "wow did it really scare you? Your so cold" harry asks and I nod he turns off the lamp and lays Down as I lay down too "it's ok your safe with me" harry says beside me

i wake up in Harry's arms holding me from behind I get out of his arms and sit up "good morning" he says sitting up too "morning" I say sleepily I checked the time and it was  10:30 in the morning. Me an harry were never were a morning person "lets go down stairs they could be waiting for us" I say and get out of the bed standing up as harry follows and puts a shirt on and we walk down stairs together and I see the blonde haired boy and dani on the couch alone but I stop at the stairs "what?" harry asks "shhh!" I yell at him and he peeks "oooohh" harry whispers. we secretly walk behind them and giggle a bit. when they were going to kiss me hand harry stood up go by there ears and yell "get a room!" and they both jump and scream from the top of there lungs and me and harry start to laugh really hard then we both fell to the ground then we saw liam, zayn , and Louis run here from the kitchen to see what was going on "ugh!! I will get my revenge on you two!" dani yells and walks off to the kitchen with the blonde boy "what happened?" liam asks "we scared them badly" I say


hours passed and we were watching a  movie "this is boring!!!" I yelled "I know yeah" harry says and liam stops it "fine what do you guys want t do?" liam asks "lets play truth or dare" I say "ok" they all said and we sat in a circle "who's going first?" Louis asks "I will" I say "truth or dare dani" I ask "dare" she says "ok hen I dare you and that blonde boy there" I say pointing at him "you mean niall" harry says to me "yeah that's your name nial to..... jump into the pool!" I yell "oooh this will be good" Louis says and we all walk out side in the blazing hot sun watching them jump into the pool as I laugh and niall pulls Louis in along with liam and they start to have a water fight "you going in?" harry asks "cant I still need to heal" I say "oh then I will stay with you" harry says


the day passed by and I slept in harrys room again because he said that ethan might come and hurt me again so I needed to stay under his protection "harry what will I do when youre gone?" I ask "what do you mean?" he asks "what if he comes back when your gone?" I ask "maybe you can move to new york  with me" harry says

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