Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


15. Another year

Another year had passed and me and Ethan are still together. In love  and dani has a boyfriend named mason but there in bad shape right now. And Louis... I don't even know if he is coming back anymore. Ever since he left every thing got boring and plain there's was no excitement to anything. Now he's in a band some where in America. Famous ever since the xfactor  but he said that he's going to do a twit cam on twitter so Ethan's and dani are coming over to my house to watch. See how e is now.  He can't text me anymore because there is no connection and he was always busy doing things. We all...miss him.


I woke up and it was very hot. It was a Saturday. I decided to call my mom to see what was happening there and if she was ok "hello?" "Mom" "yes" "what's going on over there? It's very boring here" "nothing over here too just relaxing" "how's harry? Does he...still remember?" "I don't think so. But there's great news from him!" "What?!" "He is in America! In a group. He's famous" "oh. So is my friend" "oh cool" "yeah we all miss him. Every thing is boring without him" "maybe you can hang out with your boyfriend" "yeah maybe I should then" "ok then talk to you later" "bye" I hang up 'knock knock' "come in" I say the door flys open "ugh! I hate him!!" Dani says "you and mason fighting again?" I ask "yeah! I broke up with him!" She yells "finally! You could've done it along time ago" I say "yeah I should have"she says we sit on the couch silently "don't you miss Louis" I ask "yeah he was like my best friend! We did every thing all together! He had a fun mind" she says "yeah he did. But ever since he left.. Every thing just got... Boring"I say "yeah but we will see him on the twit cam tonight" dani smiles "but he won't see us" I say  "he's following me on twitter! Maybe I can talk to him on twitter" I say "yeah me to" dani says and we both take our phones out and start texting on twitter "what did you tell him?" I ask "I told him that we should meet up again" dani says "I asked him when he is coming back" I say. Then my phone started to ring and I pick it up "hello?" I ask "hi Rosie! It's me your father I'm coming back today with 5 boys" he says "5 boys?" I ask "yeah I'm managing them. They will be staying for a month so...yeah. See you in a couple of hours! Bye" he says "yeah bye" I say and hang up "what happened?" Dani asks "my dad is managing these 5 boys and they will be staying for a month" I say "oooooh I wonder if there hot!" Dani asks "maybe" I say scrolling down on my twitter and then I saw a new post that Louis put: "it's good to come back for the month" I read "wait...I think Louis is comming back for a month!" I yell "what?! Let me see!" Dani says grabbing the phone out of my hands "oh my gosh! He is!" Dani screams "yeah!" E yell "I should call Ethan!" I yell I grab my phone from Dani's Hands and call Ethan "hi babe"he says when he picks up "come here!!!" I scream "why? What happened?!" Ethan asks concerned "I'll tell you when you get here" I yell "ok ill come" Ethan says. Louis POV

i can't believe that my manager lives in Doncaster too and he is letting us stay at his house for the month! But he really does look.  familiar.......really familiar....wait! I know him! He's rosies dad!!  I need to tell Rosie and dani this!! They will be surprised!!


Rosie's POV

I got a call from Louis "hello!" I say "guess what?!" He says "I know your coming back for a month!" I say "yeah! And guess who's managing us?" He asks "I don't know" I say "uhh duh it's your dad! I'm staying at your house! And my lads of course but isn't that awesome!!" He yells "oh my gosh! That is I can't believe it! We will see you again!! Yay!" I say "yeah I'm heading to your house right now! I just got into the limo!" He says "wow a limo! Your so fancy!" I yell "haha I don't know why we need to be so fancy? With limos and stuff. We're just normal people!" He laughs "haha yeah! See you then," I say "bye!!" We both say to each other. Ethan comes in the room "what happened?" He asks "my dad is managing Louis's band! And they are staying here at my house for a month!!" I yell "what?! Oh my gosh that's awesome!!" He yells "I know yeah! We can see Louis again!" I yell


me and Ethan was waiting for them to arrive so we were sitting on the couch snuggling while dani was on the chair playing video games. Ethan was hugging me from behind with his chin nuzzling between my neck and shoulder. The door opens and Louis ran in as the others just walked in dani yelled and hugged Louis while I was still in Ethan's grip. Every one looks at us. "You guys are still together?" Louis yells "haha yeah!" I say and stand up and start to hug Louis. He looked different. He looked more older his  hair didn't have those Justin bieber look it looked more older and cuter. I was still hugging him as Ethan and dani came and  hugged him too. It was a group hug. "I could tell you guys were soo close by the way you hug him" this Irish accent blond haired boy said we were still hugging "you guys can let go now" Louis says we let go and laugh "hah sorry Louis, we all just missed you! It's been boring with out you" Ethan says "yeah it was boring! You were our fun person. When you were here it was fun but when you left, every thing got boring" I say "really? Thought you guys would have more fun without me" Louis says "nope" dani said "it's good to have you back" I say "for your come back, we should watch a movie!" Ethan says "yeah" dani says "I'll go get them" I say and turn around but I bump into some one and we fall down as  His bags falls down "oh I'm sorry" I  say and help him grabbing the bags "it's ok" he says I give him a bag and look into his eyes and freeze. Is that who I think it is?


Harry's POV

I bump into a girl and she helps me with the bag and looks into my eyes as I stare at hers isn't that Rosie? The girl that  bullied me. The one that Hannah was talking about? That reminds me, I'm calling Hannah so she can hang with me today. The girl left my eyes and ran to her room then that boy that I saw at that party with her ran after her. Are they together?


Rosie's POV

It is him!! Harry's is in Louis's band!! I ran up to my room and ran into the secret room as Ethan ran after me "what's wrong?" He asks I cry harder into the soft cushion and hold the blanket over my head "tell me" he says "h-he's h-her-re!!" I sob "who?" He asks "h-har-ry" I sob "that's...him?" He asks "y-yeah" I yell  "shhh it's ok! Just don't look at him! C'mon! lets go down stairs!" Ethan says and helps me up. I go into the nth room to wash up and walk down stairs as Ethan holds my hand. I get down stairs and see Hannah and stop "what?" Ethan whispers "it's Hannah" I say and try to run upstairs but Ethan grabs me by my stomach and brings me to the couch holding my waist . "We'll well well. What a coincidence Ethan... And Rosie" Hannah says "go away Hannah you changed him!" I say "who cares! He likes me more than he even cared about you! Remember when it the fight was a lie!" Hannah says "it's not true!" I yell "how do you know that?!" She asks "because I made a mistake by trusting you than harry! He would never lie to me! It was my mistake!" I say "hahahaha and you screwed up by trusting me! Now your going out with my ex boyfriend, Ethan! The one who cheated on me!" Hannah yells "Hannah what are you talking about?! What do you mean she screwed up about this fight?! I'm so confused!" Harry yells "that's what she does harry! Confuse you! Don't listen to her!" She says. I look at Ethan"you were the one who cheated?" I ask "Rosie I'm sorry I lied-" I cut him off "no! I trusted you more than any one! And you have always lied to me? Is that what you did when you had to go home early? Cheat on me?!" I yell "I'm sorry Rosie " he says and grabs his stuff and walks out the door I was heart broken I ran up stairs and cried all day "are you ok?" Some one asks me I look up and see dani "no! I loved him!! " I yell "it's ok! Maybe one of the boys can help you?" Dani says "I'm ok! I don't need anyone anymore!" I yell "never mind there all taken except.... You know who" dani says "Louis is taken?" I ask "yeah he is... Hannah and harry are kinda together I don't know" she says "I'll just stay here" I say "c'mon! We're playing truth or dare down stairs!" Dani says and helps me up and fixes my hair as I wipe my face and blow my nose.


We go down stairs and dani sits by the blonde haired boy giving me no choice but to sit by Hannah "look who finally showed up!" She says "ok who's going first?" Louis says "I will!!" The boy with the blonde hair said "truth or dare harry" he asks "dare" he says "I dare you to sit by the person you once loved" he says my heart started to race because he came towards me  and sat down next to me... did he remember? He didn't make eye contact with me, he sat down by me for Hannah not me. " you like me?" Hannah says "yeah" harry blushes then Hannah kisses him on purpose to make me jealous. I can't take this!! I'm done trying to do this!! I stand up and start to walk up stairs again "leaving again?" Hannah says "yeah I am" I say "your such a baby" she says "can you stop!!! You keep on ruining my life! I didn't do any thing! You are so mean that harry doesn't even deserve you!! He would've never been with you in the first place!! If you haven't lied to me! And made me leave" I yell running out the door and slammed it. It was raining and glum out side I ran. Ran far far as I can and stopped and looked behind me. It was foggy and I Heard foot steps behind me an I got scared because I couldn't see through the rain and fog I felt some one behind me and I looked who it was...... Harry


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