Promises *Completed*

Rosie and harry were best friends they get get bullied every day of school and protect each other. One day they both promise to be best friend no matter what happened. They both start to fall for each other slowly until Rosie moves away and meets louis. And harry loses his memory, What will happen? Will they keep there Promise? Will he start to remember?Or move on? Please read to find out! My first fan fiction


9. A week later

Rosie's mom POV
Its been a week and harry was still at the hospital to get checked about his memory and his brain every day til Tomorrow. I wonder what I should say to Rosie? 'Rosie harry got hit by a car minuets after you left and he does not remember you any more' I say I my head thinking of what to say. Anne came and is now talking to harry and to make sure if he could remember every thing else. And I'm here sitting on the chair in the hall way thinking about what I should do about this. Rosie wold freak if I told her this
Rosie's POV
The bell rang and school was over I put my things in my locker. "Hey!" Dani said "I've notices you had a American accent like me. Are you American?"I say "yeah I am. I was surprised that you had the same accent as me too. That's why I told you to come with me to be friends since you're new here in the uk I thought you might want to have a American friend that's a girl" she says "oh you thought that I'm new here? Cuz I'm not I'm from Hawaii but I moved to Holmes chapel when I was in 7th grade and had a British best friend that was a boy. So I'm used to the British accent" I say. We walk to the benches and sit down "wow I didn't know that! So... Did you like your British friend that was a boy?" Dani says "we'll yeah I did but I moved and I got over him" i lied "how did you guys meet?" Dani asks "we'll. when it was my first day I saw guys beating him up so I helped him get out of it. I fought all of those 4 boys in 5 mins it was pretty cool" I say "wow so if I was a stranger getting beaten up you would help me?" She says " yeah" I say. Louis comes and says "dani there's no after school program today so were going to have to wait until 8:30 pm" wow that's when it ends! It's only 2:45 "aww I hate waiting! It's so boring" dani says "oh since you guys need to wait you should come to my house!" I say "your parents would let us stay till 8:30?" Louis says "more like dad, he spoils me a lot so don't be too surprised" I say "ok ill come! I want to see your British boy best friend pictures" dani says excited "Lou?" I ask "ok ill come" Louis says "your welcome any time so just ask when you coming" I say. My nanny/maid came and picked us up "woah" Louis says. We get in and drive off. My dad hired the nanny/maid to watch me and make sure I'm safe and to make me have a friend to bond with when my dad is gone. We get to the house and Louis and dani squeals "haha you get used to it. Thats how I was when I saw this house. We walk in "wow your considered rich" louis says. We walk into my room and they were so happy "woah! This is awesome!" Dani says "you know what's more awesome!" I say "what?" They both say "grab the box under my bed" I say. Louis bends down and pulls it out and sees all of those consoles "ahh video games!!!!" Louis says ** when we were done playing and put every thing away, it was 6 good time to show them the sunset on the balcony "you know what's cool?" I ask them "what?? Wait you said you'll show me you and your British friend pictures" dani says "yeah I will but follow me!" I say. I walk to the closet and close the door "ok? We're in a closet" Louis says "but watch this!" I say and walk through my clothes and open the secret door "awesome!!" Louis says "cool saying" Danielle says "there's a balcony there, lets watch the sun set" I say we go out side and watch it "this is the best house ever!" Lou says "where's the pics ?" Dani says "wow are you that desperate?" I say "I just want know" she says we walk back in and I show her the shelf filled with pics of me and harry "his name is harry" I say " wow I could tell you guys were really close" dani says a tear rolls down my cheeks and I wipe it fast "wheres Louis?" I say. We walk back and Louis was there watching tv ** bye we say to eachother before they walk out the door I went up to my room and into the closet and looked at the pictures. I started to cry thinking about those fun moments we had then I began to think that I broke the promise I made to harry that day. I cried and laid on the cution on the ground. I know!! Ill call mom to see if harry is ok" because I hurt him badly I called and my mom answered "hello?" She says "mom!" I say happy "Rosie! You actually used your phone to call me! Haha how's it over there?" She asks "good. How's harry!" I ask "uhmm... What did you say?! I can't here you hello? Hello?!" My mom says "mom I can hear you clearly! Hello?" Say "beeeeeeeep" she hang up great now what
Rosie's mom
I couldn't tell her about this. I just couldn't.
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