It all Started with a Call

Anna loves One Direction. So, her and her friend, El, decide to look up their number on youtube. They found a number. They called. Will the band member of One Direction fall in love with Anna? Will they even meet? Or will Anna have to keep living her horrible life with her abusive mother forever and never get any new friends? Read to find out...(:


1. Prologue

Hi! My name is Anna Bright. I'm 18 and live in Marietta, Ohio. I graduated from high school this past summer. It is now September 6. I am a stylist and my best friend Eleanor Maye is a designer. I am tall, around 5'8. Pretty tall for my age. There are girls I know that are half my size. Well, I have brown pixie cut hair. I have some freckles. Not many. And I'm very skinny. I am very skinny because I'm allergic to sugar, wheat, dairy, and pineapple. But I can still eat alot of things. Almond milk. Fruit. Vegetables. Soup.  Gluten-free pizza. Lots of things. Eleanor, on the other hand, is not fat. She isn't the skinniest around though. Probably weighs just about as much as me, or a little more. But that's because she is much shorter than me. Around 5'5ish. She has long curly ombre hair down to her butt. She isn't allergic to anything. She also lives in Marietta, Ohio. Her mother is abusive though. So. I told you about me and El. Let's get on with the story!(:

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