It all Started with a Call

Anna loves One Direction. So, her and her friend, El, decide to look up their number on youtube. They found a number. They called. Will the band member of One Direction fall in love with Anna? Will they even meet? Or will Anna have to keep living her horrible life with her abusive mother forever and never get any new friends? Read to find out...(:


2. Prank Calls & A Night of "Fun"

Anna's P.O.V.

Me and Eleanor were home alone in my house having a sleepover on a Friday night. I thought back to when we were kids.


Anna's P.O.V.

I ran into Eleanor's garage and grabbed 3 more mini oranges. We were 11 at the time. It was 4:00pm and we were having a "feast" outside. El's mom didn't know and we were randomly just eating. There were chips, water, pop, mini oranges, juice, and a lunchable. Before I left her garage I looked in the freezer. When I opened the freezer her dogs started barking like crazy. I could hear them through the door. I quickly grabbed some vanilla ice cream. People probably think we are crazy to have ice cream on March 10, 2006. But it was really warm out. Like 60 degrees here in Ohio. I ran back to where we were hiding out, eating all this food and handed her the Ice cream and said "Go get 2 spoons... Or 4, cuz you know.. double bite. 2 spoons per person." "NO!!" she said. "Why?" I whined. "my mom will find out!!" She explained. "Fine." I said back. She went to go throw her orange peels away and i snuck over to her garage. She saw me and I ran over to the door and said "Don't think I wont do it." I opened her door to her house and she said "NO!! I'LL GET THE SPOONS!" And with that i sprinted as fast as i could out of her garage and into out hideout. El refused to go get the spoons. After a while of arguing with her, I finally gave in. I was bummed out. She opened the tortilla lunchable and the dip splattered EVERYWHERE. It got all over the ice cream. El took the cardboard and scraped the dip off the ice cream and our faces/legs. We ate the clean ice cream off the cardboard. I had a really good idea though. I went over to the tree, grabbed a stick, and ran back over to where El was. "I'm gonna do it." I stated. "Me too." She replied. And with that we dug the sticks into our ice cream. Just then, El had a way better idea. "Let's use the tabs on the top of the pop can!!" She said. After that didn't work out too well, we used water bottle caps. That worked better, but not good enough. Last we tried the juice straws. "OHMYGOD. I HAVE THE BEST IDEA EVER!!!" I screamed. "Let's use the juice straws!!" I said. "OHMYGOD. GREAT IDEA!!" She said. We took the bendy juice straws and bent them. We dug into our ice cream. We ate half the pint together. Then El had to go in for dinner.


Anna's P.O.V.

"Let's prank call celebrities!" El said. "Okay! Let's look up the numbers!" I replied.  We looked up Eminem first. No answer. But before we could call anyone else, the phone rang. It was a sales call. "Hello. This is Amy Lopez from the regal theater--" I decided to have fun with this. I went all black mother on her. "Is this the principal? What did that child do? She get another detention? I swear if she did I'm gong to whoop her ass whe--" I said into the phone, but got cut off. "NO. Dis is Amy Lopez from the regal theater. I would like to intrest you in some-" I cut her off. "I DON'T WANT NO MOVIES!! LISTEN. I DON'T LIKE NO PRANK CALLS. I WILL CAWL THE COPS ON YOU IF THIS IS A PRANK. THOSE DAMN KIDS! WHAT'S YOUR NAMES?" I said into the phone. Amy Lopez finally hung up after 10 minutes of me arguing with her. "Another prank call well done. Except whats funny, is she called us." I said. El was cracking up now. 15 minutes of holding in her laughter was way too long. She was laughing uncontrollably. "LET'S PRANK CALL ONE DIRECTION!!!!! I FOUND THEIR NUMBER!!!!" She screamed after calming down. Harry, I'm guessing answered after the first few rings. 

Harry: Hello?

Me: Hey baby, I think you should know that I'm pregnant.
El: She thought she should tell you first, since even though you are her ex, your the father.
Me: I'm so sorry it's you. I'm such a slut.

Harry: I'm so sorry, but you have the wrong number.

El: Cold hearted ass.

Harry: What's your name love? You sound sexy.

El: Eleanor
Me: Anna

Harry: Okay. Maybe you just need someone to talk to. Where do you live?

Us: *Snickering* America.

Harry: Oh... Well is there any chance you are coming to London soon?

El: Actually, yes. I am a designer, and Anna is a stylist, for clothes. And we are coming to London to start our own clothing line and work.

Harry: Well, maybe Anna could be our stylist...

A/N: Anna is pretending she doesn't know who this is, even though she really does. BACK TO DA STOREH.

Anna: Who exactly is this? And what do you mean by "our stylist"?

Harry: This is Harry Styles from One Direction. We need a new stylist and maybe you guys could design clothes for us and--

El: We would love to! When do you want us there? And where do you want us to meet?

Harry: Starbucks. West Main street. First building on your left.

Anna: Thanks! How bout we meet Monday? Since it's friday that gives us a day to pack and a day for the flight.

Harry: Sounds great! Have a nice night loves!

El: Oh we will... We are going clubbing.

Harry: Oh, well have fun! See ya at starbucks around 12:00 pm on monday! Night!

Anna: Night

**End phone call**

"OHMYGOD. WE JUST TALKED TO HARRY STYLES." El screamed. "I KNOW! I WAS THERE!!" I retorted. "Well, let's go clubbing, then bed. If we even come home. Then tomorrow we will pack and Sunday we leave." El said it in all one breath. "Great! Lets get ready." I said. El showered and i picked out our outfits and stuff. Then, when El was done showering, I showered while she got dressed. El wore a tight dress that puffed out at the bottom right above her knees. It was a mix of blue, green, white, and other colors like that. It was pure silk. She also wore a pair of white pumps and a matching white purse. Well, you could call it a purse. But it was only about the size of my hand and had a pretty silver chain on it. She straightened her natural ombre waves. I, on the other hand, looked stunning also. I was wearing the same type dress, puffy at the bottom and stops right above my knees. Except mine was a mixture of yellow, orange, white, and light colors like that. I wore yellow flats and brought a small pale yellow wallet. It had little white bows on it. I curled my hair so it looked wavy. We were ready to go.


I was driving and El was in the passengers seat. Coincidentally, Live While We're Young came on the radio. We started jamming to it. "LET'S GO CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY TILL WE SEE THE SUN. I KNOW WE ONLY MET BUT LET'S PRETEND IT'S LOVE. AND NEVER NEVER NEVER STOP FOR ANYONE. tonight let's GET SOME. AND LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG." We sang at the top of our lungs. In no time, we were there. We went in the club and immediately headed for the bar. I got 4 shots and drank them quickly. I started to feel a bit woozy, so I figured the shots were working. Soon enough, after alot of shots and drinks, I was drunk.  After that, it all was a blur.

**Next Day**

I woke up and noticed I was in  my room, but there was an incredibly cute guy next to me. He has dark brown hair, put up in a quiff, a little stubble, and has a few tattoos. I feel bad that I have no idea who he is. I check to see if I'm wearing clothes. Hopefully I am. Thank god. I'm in a bra and shorts. I tiptoe out of my room and to the guest room. I see El in there asleep next to another very cute guy. He has blonde/brown hair. Kinda like how Justin Bieber has it cut right now. A little mini quiff. He doesn't appear to have any tattoos except for a cross on his neck. El has a few tattoos also. One is a dagger about the size of a paper clip going down the back of her neck. She also has Eleanor tattooed on her wrist in calligraphy writing, and a small trail of roses on her lower back and ankle. I quietly woke El and asked her what happened last night.

El's P.O.V

"What happened last night?" She asked me. "I-umm--you-m-well---" I stuttered. "Spit it out!!" She whispered loudly. "Well. I'll tell you the story.

**FLASHBACK--The night before**

El's P.O.V.

I assume Anna is drunk. I mean, just looking at her you can tell. She is walking over to a very cute guy like a retarded penguin with some mental problems. But eventually she starts talking to the guy, and they really hit it off. All of a sudden, the guy she was with yells "BODY SHOTS!!!!!!!". And then he lifts her onto the bar, not caring who he bumps into. Another cute guy walks over and starts the body shots on her. After like an hour of that, I was just watching the whole time. I wasn't drunk at all. Eventually I took the guy's friend home and she took the guy home. As far as I know, Anna and her guy didn't have sex. And me and Evan (Thats his name)didn't have sex either, just slept together. Weird right? Haha.


"So that's what happened." I explained to Anna. "Oh okay. I'm gonna go back to my room. Wait for him to wake up." Anna said, and with that, she went back to bed.

Anna's P.O.V. ** 2 HOURS LATER**

I woke up, and no one was next to me. I looked downstairs, and he wasn't there either. He wasn't anywhere in the house. "Dammit. He was cute." I said to myself, but was startled when someone else said it with me. "MY GOD EL YOU FUCKING SCARED ME!!!" I practically screamed. "Wait, your guy is gone too?!" El exclaimed. "Yeah... He is.." I said. "Well, let's get ready and pack.

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