It all Started with a Call

Anna loves One Direction. So, her and her friend, El, decide to look up their number on youtube. They found a number. They called. Will the band member of One Direction fall in love with Anna? Will they even meet? Or will Anna have to keep living her horrible life with her abusive mother forever and never get any new friends? Read to find out...(:


3. Plane Ride and Starbucks(:

A/N: Because I'm lazy, I'm skipping to the next day while they're about to get on the plane.

Anna's P.O.V.

We're about to board the plane, so I quickly texted Harry.

To: Harry

Hey Harry. We're about to board the plane. see you tomorrow at starbucks(:

From: Harry

Okay love. See you then, and call me when you land.(:

To: Harry

Okay Hazza(;

"LAST CALL FOR FLIGHT 491 TO LONDON. LAST CALL FOR FLIGHT 491 TO LONDON." The lady over the loud speaker said. "That's us! Let's go!" El exclaimed. We quickly hurried to the desk, handed the lady our tickets, and boarded the plane. "Seat 17A and 17B." I said to El. "I call the window seat!" I said, mostly because as a side job, I am a photographer and I could get some really cool pictures. "Whatever you say princess.." El retorted. I sat down and put my 1D earbuds in and put the TMH album on shuffle. Since I got the whole album on my iPhone, it had all the bonus tracks and videos from the iTunes festival. Over again started playing. "Said I'd never leave her because her hands fit like my t-shirt..." I sang. I kept singing. "Tell me with your mind, body, and spirit, I can make your tears fall down like the showers that are British .." I finished the song. Then, What Makes You Beautiful came on. I started that song, and in no time at all, I was finished. I was looking out the window the whole time, and when I turned my head, everyone around me was looking at me and started clapping. I guess I forgot I earbuds in so everyone could hear me sing. "Uhmm. I-Thanks." I stuttered, not knowing what to say. The flight attendant came and quieted everyone down. "Jeez. I'm not that good." I said to El. "Yeah, you are. Did you even hear yourself?" She questioned. "Well no. considering I had earbuds in oh smart one." I answered. "Why thank you, I am smart." She said. "Sarcasm. Learn it." I said back, and before she could answer, I put my big 1d headphones on and blared One Thing. After a lot of music, a little sleeping, some photography of the sky and clouds, and some more talk with El, we were there. As soon as I got off the plane I said, "I have to call Harry, let him know we are here, and ask him about a good hotel to stay at." "Jeez, we just got here, slow down." El said. "I told him I would call him as soon as I got here El." I explained. "Okay. I'll go get our bags and I will meet you at the doors." El answered. "Alright" I said, and went over to a seat to call Harry. 

--Phone Call--

H- Hello?
A- Hey Harry, It's Anna.
H- Well, where are you staying?
A- Actually, I was going to ask you about some good hotels around London or something.
H- Well there's a hotel right by the airport, really nice one too. I can pay for it if yo---
A-We aren't broke Harry. We can pay for it ourselves.
H- Okay, okay. I'll still see you guys at starbucks, yeah?
A-Yeah, but i have to go. El is probably waiting for me at the doors.
H- Okay, Bye Anna!
A-Bye Harry.

--End Phone Call--

I headed to the front gate and saw El waiting for me. "Ready to go?" She asked when I got up to her. "Yupp. I'll get a taxi." I said. After we got into the taxi, I told the driver to take us to the closest, but nicest, hotel there is in London. We were there in no time at all, probably 5 minutes tops. It was a really nice hotel, HAD to be 5 star. We walked in, and were immediately greeted by bellhops that took our bags. We went up to the front desk and El asked about a room, and gave all the info and crap. After we got our key cards and the little folder with them in it that said our room and floor on it, we headed up. "Penthouse... PENTHOUSE?!" I exclaimed. "Yeah, it's not like we're broke Anna, calm yo tits." El said back. "Okay. But why did you get the penthouse?  And not a room?" I asked. "Anna, it's a five star hotel. the penthouse is always the nicest room. and it was available." El explained. "Okay." I said. We got up to our room. It was about 11 pm here, so we got to bed.
--Next Morning, 11:00 A.m.

El's P.O.V.

I just woke up. Hmm. Maybe a shower would be good. I got into the shower, washed my hair, and you know.. showered. I got out and my hair wasn't too bad, so I did a waterfall french braid on it. I put on a black off the shoulder shirt with a white tank under it. Then, a cream colored skirt and heels with a bow. A black headband with a bow on it. I went over to the mirror. DAMN. I look HOT.

Anna's P.O.V.

I just woke up. I notice El is in the shower in the hall bathroom, so I use the one right in the bedroom I was sleeping in. I showered, and got ready. I wore a grey and white striped tank, grey flats, black leggings, brought s black clutch, and since I had about 45 minutes left until we had to meet Harry, I re-did the hot pink bangs I had. As El likes to say, I have "Flippy hair" and the underneath bangs are hot pink. It looks really cool. When I was done, I had about 15 minutes. I went to get El. But first I looked in the mirror. Damn. I look HOT. I saw El, and she looked really good too. I grabbed or folder with our designs and stuff. and we got a taxi and headed to starbucks.

 Harry's P.O.V. 

I waited for Anna and Eleanor. I was there about 10 Minutes early, just in case. I saw two girls walk in the door. They looked hot. I couldn't decide which one I liked better. But I couldn't get any girls right now, Anna and Eleanor are coming. They should be here any minute. I glanced down at the time. It was 12 o clock on the dot. The two girls that I was checking out came over to me. My god. They were beautiful. One had brown pixie cut hair with pink bangs, and had worn a grey and white striped tank, grey flats, black leggings, and brought black clutch. The other one had long ombre colored hair that was in a waterfall french braid. She wore  a black off the shoulder shirt with a white tank under it. Then, a cream colored skirt and heels with a bow. And a black headband with a bow on it. Suddenly I was snapped out of my trance. "Harry!" The girl with short hair and pink bangs said. "What?" I asked. "I'm Anna." "And I'm Eleanor, but you can call me El." The other one said. Oh my god. I was just drooling over the girls I was supposed to meet up with. Management has a strict rule about liking people that work for us, because it effects our work. Even though they don't work for us yet, they probably will, if their designs are good. Anna pulled some designs out of the folder she brought. I guess the two are a team, because whatever El drew or designed, Anna came up with it. And the designs were really good, and it was "Thisseason's" clothes. "Well I personally love the designs, but I'm not sure if management will, so i will send them pictures of the designs, and then I will be back in a few minutes to give you an answer." I said. "Okay" They said in unison. 

Anna's P.O.V.

After Harry went away, I said, "Yess!!! He liked them! And I'm pretty sure before he knew it was us, he was totally checking us out and drooling." "Yeah. I agree. I just hope I can get to date Harry. He's my dream boyfriend." El said back. "Well, I just want to get the job, earn some money, meet One fucking Direction, and eventually date Louis. He's my dream boyfriend." I said. Oh my gosh. I can't believe  I just said that out loud. But before El could reply to me, Harry came over. "Great news!! Management loved the designs! And they agreed to let you guys work as a team. But we also have a month off on tour, so you  have a whole month to design our clothes, make them, buy them, whatever. And you also have a month to get to know us. One Direction. Want to come over and meet the boys?" Harry asked. "Yeah. That would be awesome!" El answered. "Okay! Let's go then!" Harry said.

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