It all Started with a Call

Anna loves One Direction. So, her and her friend, El, decide to look up their number on youtube. They found a number. They called. Will the band member of One Direction fall in love with Anna? Will they even meet? Or will Anna have to keep living her horrible life with her abusive mother forever and never get any new friends? Read to find out...(:


4. Meeting the Boys.

--In The Car-- El's P.O.V.

 Harry offered to drive us to meet the boys, rather then taking a taxi. So we were off. Anna and I were in the backseat. Anna had her other earbuds--that were just purple-- in so he wouldn't think she was a crazy fan. She started singing Titanium by David Guetta. I poked her. "What?" She asked. "Take your earbuds out." I whispered. She did what she was told. I started to sing with her. We harmonized perfectly. "I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose. Fire away, fire away. Ricochet, you take your aim. Fire away, fire away. You shoot me down, but I won't fall. I am titanium. Shoot me down, but I won't fall. I am titanium..." We finished together.  "Wow..." Harry said. Shit. I completely forgot he was in the car. "Oh, sorry. I uh.. we were used to--" I started. "No, no!! You guys were fantastic. You are really good, both of you!" Harry interrupted. "Oh. Uhh, thanks." Anna replied. "Yeah thanks.." I said. We finally got there. It was a really big house. We got out of the car. "Wow! This is huge!" Anna blurted out. "Come on in." Harry said. We went inside. It was actually way bigger than I thought it would be, only because I thought they lived in separate houses. All the boys were just sprawled out --except Liam, who was sitting up straight next to Niall who was just laying there--on the 3 couches. They were in deep discussion. Harry interrupts them. "Guys, this is Anna, and this is El." Harry said, pointing to us. "Hey." They all said. "Hi!" I said. I sat down next to Louis. I wasn't shy around people. Even though this was One Direction, I was never shy, so I wasn't going to be shy around them. On the  other hand, El was really shy around people and since it was One fucking Direction, she's probably more nervous.. "H-h-hello, I-I'm El." She stuttered. "She is just shy around people." I stated. "No!" She protested. "El... you're very shy around people.." I said calmly. "Ugh." She said and sat next to me. "So.. TRUTH OR DARE TIME!!" Harry yells. "Haz.. don't start with that." Liam warned. "Actually, I would love to play." Anna said. "Yeah, sounds cool." I said after. " Oh, okay..." Liam replies cautiously. "who goes first?" Niall asks. "I will!" Louis volunteered. "Okay, Anna, truth or dare?"  I laughed a little, because if she picked dare, she would probably have to do something incredibly stupid. "Truth." Anna answered. "Smart girl." Liam says. Apparently she thought the same thing I did. So she picked truth. "Ahh man. Okay. Do you fancy anyone in the band? If so, who?" I just about dyed inside there. It was hilarious. She fancied him.


SO SORRY FOR INCREDIBLY SHORT CHAPTER! I've been busy a lot, and it took me all week just to do this. sorry, I'll try to upddate tomorrow. And if you're reading this, please favourite, like, and comment "MOO!" OR SOMETHING RANDOM(: Thanks lovelies! ~Krissy(:

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